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… come on 80’s fans, fill in the blank.

My mind is full of disconnected thoughts.

Beta is in 41 hours.

I forgot to call and make my annual opthamologist appt for the 10th day in a row. Despite writing “Optho” on my hand in sharpie.

I got a call back about the job. They sound very interested. They want me to come and interview in person. Oh. My. G-d. Did I mention that this job would involve moving? Not far, far away, but it’s not commutable from where we live now.

One of our only very good friends in City-I-Dislike finds out this week if she got the job that means she will be staying here for another three years or moving somewhere exotic for a year, possibly forever.

Beta is in 41 hours.

Pili reports no pregnant feelings. Please tell me all your stories about not feeling the slightest bit pregnant until the baby popped out to remind me that this is not unusual.

I’m terrified that I will use up all my luck on this job thing and the beta will be negative.

(beta is in 41 hours)

Logically, I know there’s no connection between the two. Speaking of which:

Superstition: Please Discuss

Two years ago, we found out that Sambar (orange kitty, sweetest cat on the planet earth) had a brain tumor. We came home from work one day and found her staggering around the house like a drunk, bumping into walls, meowing piteously, periodically collapsing on the floor. She went to see a kitty neurologist. Our options were paying $5000 for kitty brain surgery, or trying her on steroids to control the swelling. At one point, as we tried to face the reality of losing her, Pili suggested that maybe her soul was meant to be reincarnated in our child.

(Beta is in 41 hours)

Two years later, the steroids seem (so far, knock on wood, etc. etc.) to be working fine (aside from the diabetes side effect). And we still don’t have a child. Coincidence? Superstition. I don’t know. I hate to think there’s a connection, but part of me wonders.

(Beta is in 41 hours)

So please distract me. Stop lurking and tell me: What are your superstitions?


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  1. The Sambar story is eery. But for reasoning sake, let’s say that it isn’t influencing Pili.

    Here’s a story that might leviate your angst about Pili:

    A few years ago, my husband’s cousin told his mother that his girlfriend was 7 months pregnant. Here’s the kicker: they had JUST FOUND OUT she was 7 months pregnant. The girl had no idea. She’s very intelligent too. She works for the FBI specializing in computer crimes. So she wasn’t some ditz.

    Apparently, the baby was such a lightweight, that she thought the baby movements were simply gas or digestive stuff going on.

    So yes, it’s possible…let’s hope that’s true for Pili 🙂

  2. I’m all about the jinx. I stop myself from saying – or even thinking – things for fear of jinxing myself or others.

    I am not superstitious about the 13th. I was born on the 13th and always got great gifts when it fell on a Friday.

    I also had one of my sons on the 13th (on my birthday actually) so that has to be good luck!)

  3. I pick up pennies I find on the street, always followed by the incantation “Find a penny, pick it up, and all day long you’ll have good luck.” As to whether or not it works, I can’t really say, although I do have the following story: On my first date with Jess, I found one such penny, lying face-down. Naturally, I picked it up, but she informed me that it only works with face-up pennies, that the face-down ones bring bad luck. Considering the outcome of that relationship, it certainly gives me pause….

  4. I am so superstitious I don’t even know where to start…on the one hand I don’t think the cat story means anything, and on the other hand, it would freak me out too.

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  6. It’s way, way, way too early to be feeling anything. Unless you have quads or something. A singleton pregnancy wouldn’t have any symptoms at all, and if it did, they would be indistinguishable from pms. Even morning sickness wouldn’t kick in until 5 or 6 weeks.

    Here’s my freaky story: I started spotting 8 dpo. Figured that meant it was over for that cycle. Nope. Instead, I spotted through most of the first trimester.

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you.

  7. I’m, um…20 weeks pregnant right now and ONLY now am I starting to feel pregnant. Even though I know I am, I forget sometimes. I just don’t feel like I am.

    I’m very superstitious, too, so I’m afraid I can’t be reassuring on that front.

  8. The cat story is kind of freakyg and I am very supersticious as well.

    I have been pregnant twice (miscarried twice) both times had BAD morning sickness. I say it can go both ways with symtoms. Some friends have had NO idea that they were even pregnant and have been several months along…
    Thinking good thoughts and throwing them your way!

  9. I’ve never been pregnant, so I can’t help on that front.

    Superstitions: Well, I used to think that if I thought about something I didn’t want to happen happening, that would stop it happening. That definitely isn’t the case, so I don’t think you’ll use up all the luck on the job.

    I’m keeping you in my thoughts…

  10. Superstitious?

    Only slightly. Moreso when it comes to sports, i.e. my poor mother runs into the bathroom and runs the water when it’s a big at bat for the Red Sox because she thinks that it helps them hit better. Me? I’m more the I-Must-Wear-My-Hair-in-a-Ponytail-in-Order-for-the-Sox-To-Win type.

    Best best best of luck to you and Pili. You’ll be in my thoughts.

  11. Our wedding anniversary is on the 13th because then when it falls on Friday the 13th we have something to be happy about!

    I’ve heard so many stories like Shannon’s. It’s so hard to believe but I guess it happens a lot.

    FWIW, each pregnancy I would have sworn that I was getting AF any second. I was obsessively checking the TP for blood. I never had the sore boobs (until much later) or whatever some women get that makes them feel so sure before takign a test.

  12. It’s been so painful to get the disappointing news that we have received again and again over the past two+ fricking years. I know how important your comments and support are to my sweetpea, aka ArtSweet. Reading them, I also feel comforted. Thank you!

    About the cat superstition, I have to say that on a rational level I totally do not believe it. And yet on an emotional level it’s hard to shake–I came up with it after all!

    What I truly believe is that this having a baby business is permeated through and through by randomness *and* that it is very difficult for human beings to grasp randomness on either an intellectual or an emotional level. Bronislaw Malinowski, a great anthropologist, wrote that what we call superstition is what gives people the courage to do crazy things–to attempt to do things that their mastery of technology almost but not quite enables to them to do, like go deep sea fishing in boats made from coconut fiber and logs. The Trobriand Islanders he studies are expert sailors, but they still rely on a lot chanting and rattling of chicken bones and the like to get up the courage to go out to sea. It’s like trying to have a baby through these damned shots and pills, assisted by prayers, Sanskrit mantras, eating vast quantities of yams, and putting lucky blankets with the milk of nursing mothers on the bed, etc.

    Like the Trobriand sailors we carry on because of our belief that “hope cannot fail nor desire deceive.” Out of this refusal of randomness comes a desire to control or predict, and to see justice in the world, and thus to connect things that are logically unrelated: that our grief at losing Sambar (which thank God did not happen) would be assuaged by gaining a baby.

    So Pili is revealed as a strict rationalist–and very long-winded indeed!! Actually, I’m just so fed up with superstition and luck and hoping I can’t take it anymore.

  13. […] After defying the odds for three years, our sweet wonderful would-be-fantastic-with-a-toddler cat Sambar – my eyes well up just typing this – seems to be running out of lives. Even though she barely eats, […]

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