Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock

March 21, 2006 at 6:20 pm | Posted in First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF? | 9 Comments

17 hours to go.

Thank you for all your superstition comments. Please keep ’em coming.

It is fascinating (and distracting) to learn other people’s superstitions about TTC, diabetes, and life in general.

Pili thanks those of you who have assured me that you had no early pregnancy symptoms.

She says it means I have to stop poking her in sensitive places and going: “Does that hurt? Well, does it hurt MORE than usual? Oh right, that could be the PIO shot anyway.”

So tonight’s question: Is it better to pee on a stick, or not to pee at all? (This is 10 days after a transfer of defrosted embryos, frozen at day 5.)

I guess not peeing at all doesn’t really work, does it?

So stick, or no stick? And if stick, what’s your favorite brand?

(if this makes absolutely no sense to you, I apologize. If it makes sense to you – please answer the question!)


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  1. Stick…all the way…buy several that way you can take one right after another….

    If positive keep testing just because it is so exciting it is positive…
    If negative keep testing because the first one can’t be right…

    Sounds like a good theory?

  2. I used the stick for all three pregnancies and it never failed. Let me reiterate…I peed on 9 sticks for all three pregnancies and they never failed.

    The tests are so sensitive nowadays that you can pee any time of the day to find out, it doesn’t have to be first of the morning although I’m sure you wouldn’t want to wait longer.

    I’m so excited!!!!!! I can’t wait for the results.

    • Wait, I cannot fathom it being so sthwagrtforiard.

  3. I’d actually say not to pee. The tests are sensitive but most women don’t have enough of the hormone in their systems to be picked up 10 dpo. I know lots of women who got negatives at that point when they actually were pregnant.

    I’d say wait until the beta. Though I know it must feel impossible!

    Fingers still crossed….

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  4. I don’t know what a beta is and I’m not sure how early you can detect pregnancy with a home kit. Some are very sensitive and can detect it even before a missed period. I always tested a few days post missed period and always had trouble telling – the lines were pretty faint if I tested the day I should have gotten it and got more distinct as the days wore on. But hey, you might as well tell her to pee – if she IS pregnant, she’s going to have to get used to peeing on demand. All. The. Friggin’. Time.

    Tests I’ve uses: Generic store brand (positive), EPT (deceptive results, even when I was 7 days late), Clear Blue Easy (excellent).

    Will the beta test give you a yes or no?

  5. we actually peed on sticks, but the sticks were always negative — even the last month when we were pregnant! In fact, we didn’t get a pee stick to really show pregnancy until several days after we already knew from the beta.

    Peeing became a game to entertain us until getting the blood test every month.

    So, pee, because it can be fun, but wait for the beta before you get heartbroken.

  6. If you feel the need for a stick – get the dollar store ones!! They rock and they are just as sensitive, if not more so than expensive drug store brands. When we were ttc, I used to buy ’em 6 at a time LOL!

    Fingers still x’d………………

  7. More specifically I got them at the Dollar Tree… I don’t think every dollar store has them.

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