March 29, 2006 at 1:39 pm | Posted in The Sweet Life | 10 Comments

As I said here, I can eat pretty much anything I want, so long as I give additional insulin for it.

Nonetheless, it’s still kinda embarrassing to have your pump-educator/dietician catch you buying your celebratory post-appointment three musketeers bar at the little coffee stand outside the clinic.

Quote of the day: “Yeah, sometimes the boobs get in the way.”

Said by aforementioned dietician/pump-educator (and pumper) as I moved one of the twin peaks out of the way so that I could see what I was doing as I attempted to insert an infusion set.


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  1. OMG! My diabetes educator, who is pre-diabetic, and I were pregnant at the same time and both of us laughed our butts off talking about moving “twin peaks” to give daily shots. How funny!

  2. my boobs used to get in the way, but that’s because i weighed 407 lbs. now that i am on 200 they are empty sacks that still get in the way…

    here from michele’s. 🙂

  3. I used to have very small boobs, and coveted large boobs until I started breastfeeding, got large boobs and realized that you are right, they do in fact get in the way and are kinda a pain in the ass.

  4. I am new to all this… just wanted to say have been enjoying reading your blog. I hope you don’t mind I linked to yours.

  5. LOL the boobs always get in the way!

  6. Erm… not a problem I have *blush*

    Art, if you’re feeling awkward about eating any Three Musketeers bars in the future, you know you can always send them my way… 😉

  7. Do you put a site in your boob? Because that’s making me grimace just thinking about it.

  8. Julia –

    OWWWW! No!

    (No three musketeers for you for making me think about that…)

    The problem is that I am, um, “generously endowed” and have trouble seeing what I’m doing in my stomach region when I look down.

    Can’t wait to see what kinds of search strings this one gets me.

    Caro, I don’t have a problem putting away the 3M bars! But I’ll send you one – when’s your birthday? And do you have those yummy honeycomb bars in England?

  9. Yummy honeycomb bars? Crunchy honeycomb stuff covered in a thin layer of chocloate? I guess that would be like a Cadbury’s Crunchie.

    My birthday isn’t until January, but I guess I’ll stock up on Three Musketeers when I’m over shortly.

    Honestly, my US junk food addiction is getting way out of hand. I was discussing Lucky Charms and Oatmeal Creme Pies earlier this week. I guess you always want what you can’t readily have!

    Oh, and I do have a healthy diet, I don’t eat this stuff all that often!

  10. I am not diabetic so my boobs don’t get in the way of that sort of medical procedure….but since I was ten, they’ve been getting in the way of everything else.

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