A glass of whine

April 2, 2006 at 11:15 pm | Posted in The Sweet Life | 3 Comments

For Felix, who commented on my Pet Peeves post:

Dear Felix,

I’m glad that you felt comfortable enough to post your peeve here, but I feel like I have to draw a line between venting and whining. Venting – finding out that other people share your feelings and you’re not alone – is not the same thing as whining. The people who posted here are venting because they do carry the purse, every g-damn day. And they do give the explanation – every g-damn time. And then, when they’re amongst friends – well, they blow off a little steam. Because if you don’t blow off steam at some point, it ain’t pretty.

That we allow ourselves this space to vent doesn’t mean that we aren’t grateful for the medicines and technologies that make our lives and those of our children possible. I think I can speak for all of us and say that we are.

Oh, and apparently you didn’t read very far in my blog or you’d see that not only am I riled up about s.1955, I’m even trying to get people in other interest communities riled up as well.

I do hope you’ll keep reading – and keep commenting – but I feel like it’s important to me to have this be a space in which it’s okay to be sick of being diabetic, to be sick of being different. To complain about the little things that drive you crazy. Because then you have the strength to go out and keep on going.

Take care Felix, and be well,


p.s. I don’t think I’m going to try to sum up all the pet peeves for people to pick a top ten. Just too hard. And I have far too much work to do this week for one lifetime.


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  1. Yeah, sorry Felix, but I agree.

    The Pet Peeves post and all its responses are ways of getting out the things that are frustrating simply because they have to be done every day.

    Can you honestly say you never moan about anything in your life? The housework, the laundry, your tax bill?

    Things that are never ending get boring and wearing. The internet is a good place to vent with those who understand, because when we click away from this page we go back to doing the educating, the testing, the thinking about food etc etc, without being bitter about it and without whinging about it.

    ‘With’ is also a key word, because this is like minded people sharing something common to all of us. I wouldn’t say any of these things to people who don’t live with diabetes or have any interest in it, because then it would simply be moaning about my lot, not sharing.

    And to be honest, there is an awful lot of humour in that post – it certainly made me smile.

    Is any of that so wrong?

  2. Well said Art Sweet… Felix is entitled to his opinion but he obviously doesn’t ‘get it.’ I thought the post was awesome and I LOVED reading all the pet peeves because I can certainly relate. I have to say it was definitely one of my top ten favorite OC posts…

    Like Caro says above, we have to deal with this stuff everyday and it is wonderful to have a supportive community of people to share frustrations and joys with.

  3. I just remembered another pet peeve!

    People saying that I don’t have anything to complain about and I’m lucky to be alive and it could be So! Much! Worse! and I could have CANCER, you know; so it is my personal responsibility to be happy and upbeat and positive for every public moment the rest of my frigging life.

    That pmo.–>

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