Photo it’s actually Friday: Tacky & Tasteless

May 5, 2006 at 10:55 am | Posted in Meows, mishpocheh, Photo Friday | 10 Comments

Or: Why wedding registries are a good thing.

This is a vase my cousin sent us as a wedding present.

The Giant Chianti Vase

It looks like a giant chianti bottle minus the basket. (And yes, the rug is sorely overdue for vacuuming. See: four cats)

Giant Chianti Vase with Cats

The cats give you a sense of scale. These are not small cats, either.

What is that paper inside the vase? Why, that would be the receipt. I am sure my cousin thought that this was a very nice gift and that if we didn’t like it we could return it to the large chain store from whence it came. Except that the nearest branch of that large chain store is 200 MILES AWAY FROM WHERE WE LIVE. And it would now require some sort of special miner’s tweezers to get the receipt out.

Before you tell me what a selfish #$*@! I am, I am very grateful that my whole family has embraced Pili and I as a couple. We are so unbelievably lucky to have such family and friends in our lives. And I am grateful that they not only embraced us as a couple, but choose to give us presents to acknowledge that fact.

But geez. That. Vase.

The moral of the story: Wedding Registries = Good. Family = Good. Vacuuming = Bad & Overdue.

There is even more tackiness on the flickr stream, but I do actually have a job and I should be doing it.


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  1. Heh. We got some doozies too. What I discovered is: New York Jews believe in registries and Boston WASPs do not. However, at least WASPs are much handier around the house. I mean, it’s all relative, but still.

  2. I really wish people would go with the registry. We got some perfectly nice things, if only we lived in the heart of Texas or some other place that country style was appreciated. Yikes!

    That vase is pretty awful.

  3. Is it just my eyes, or is that thing large enough for a cat to fit INto?? Holy crimany…….

    Our worst wedding gift, by far, was someone who gave us a USED, busted-up photo album…..with some of her stupid vacation pictures still lurking in the back. You’re right—registries rule, or you could end up like my SIL and get 5 iced-tea brewers.

  4. Don’t tell me that vase is from Target.

  5. WOW! That is *quite something*, at least she gave you the receipt. Someone made us a ‘Tiffany’ style lamp which started smoking as soon as we turned it on!

  6. Good lord, I think I *HAVE* that vase. Also a gift, though not a wedding gift. Sadly, no receipt accomponied it & so now it sits, alone, on a shelf in our stairway. And yes, it is LARGE.

  7. New York Catholics do neither — we give simple, sensible money. Seen _The Godfather_? Remember Connie’s purse during the opening scenes at her wedding? Much better, and the couple gets help paying for the party.

  8. at 1st glance I really thought that was a monster bong.

  9. Things that make you hmmmm.

    You could throw a big party, invite all your friends, and have everyone devise a way to get the receipt out. THEN let the vase be their prize. (Don’t tell the prize until the end by the way…)

    Here from Michele’s!

  10. LOL it looks like the cats are toying with knocking it over, teasing, tempted but deciding to punish you by NOT breaking it.

    At first glance, with the tablecloth, background, it looked like some exotic musical instrument. There must be something you can do with it, maybe add the damned basket and a drippy candle?

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