Because it’s lunchtime

June 1, 2006 at 12:38 pm | Posted in Ya Gotta Eat | 6 Comments

lobster and corn
Originally uploaded by art-sweet.

For Julia and Katie. Drool on.


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  1. *slobber*

    Sorry, let me get a towel.

  2. the one thing I miss the most now that we keep Kosher…

  3. Yum. Course, this is from an Iowa gal, where corn is incredibly abundant later in the summer.

    And I’m allergic to lobster *sob*.

  4. oh yum, how that looks so much better than the canned lobster bisque I had for lunch (though that was from Bar Harbor, ME…)

  5. OMG. Mmmm. -drools- Yummmmmy!

  6. why living in Maine is good, Reason 1,235–>

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