I’m popular! (The obligatory sitemeter post)

June 11, 2006 at 2:20 pm | Posted in Blogging about Blogging, First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF?, Meows | 13 Comments

Someone with an ISP in Hinsdale, IL was my

10,oooth hit!

I’m soooo curious about these lurkers, especially the ones who show up on my statcounter again and again and never comment. Am I scary? Do I smell? If so, why do you keep coming around?

I know that people wind up here and probably don’t get what they’re looking for.

These folks for instance, who were led here by Professor Google.

pictures of tickled belly buttons just belly buttons
(A: I don’t think this site is what you were after)

picture of a cat wearing pj’s
(A: Four outraged cats spitting at the screen at the very thought)

Is it possible to be pregnant when it feels like AF is on it’s way?
(A: Yes, supposedly, but we wouldn’t really know. And “AF” is on “its” not “it’s” way – the possessive does not take an apostrophe)

our friend stole our sperm donor
(A: I’m sorry, I think.)

jiggly flab
(A: Plenty of that here, but not online, I’m afraid)

16,000 hcg pregnancy
(A: yeah, I can see why you didn’t linger here very long)

were does the snowbelt begin
(A: Where? Do you mean “where”? Because “we’re” where the snowbelt begins. Or at least it feels that way today.)

Coworker can’t give me insuline shot
(A: And why should s/he?)


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  1. This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

  2. Delurking to offer congratulations and admit I’ve never left a comment even though I’m an obsessed refresher, always looking for updates.

    Also on the baby-making/adopting trip….

    Juneau (although the word verification thinks I’m a tuftxn!)

  3. Nice!

    Those search strings are hilarious. I’m relatively new to this blogging thing, but just added a hit counter to my site on Thursday, and I’m OBSESSED. Which do you use? I think the one I have will only track the most recent 100 hits before I’d have to sign up for more info.

  4. Happy 10,000!!! Well done!
    I find it funny that about 20% of my incoming traffic from searches is always about the Moncheche theme song.
    Go figure!!

    How is P feeling?

  5. Delurking to say “hi!” I found you via other blogs and check in to see how your journey is going. Must be cool to see that log and find out where people are viewing from. Good luck!

    erin in portland

  6. Congrats on the 10,000!!! We too get some regular hitters on our blog with no comments. Some of them are right from our own home area. Some people are just searching for that old school evil kenevil motorcycle toy. Go figure.

  7. Careful when you type these – I did a post like this and it just bumped me higher on the list for some of the searches. You wouldn’t believe how many people are out there searching for information about elephant s*x (asterisk because I assume YOU don’t want to show up on those searches).

    Jiggly flab is definitely my favorite.

  8. I always get lurkers who Google sex with friend’s moms.

    And now I have a gang of people visiting my blog from a website who get off on people who get stuck.

    Freaks I tell you…freaks.

  9. hahahahahahahahaha dont you love google…:)
    love you pics.. the bee on the flower is my favorite:D
    hugs tonya

  10. Delurking here. I am also a type 1 female x 20 yr, pumper x 6 y (minimed paradigm), thinking about trying for kid #2 soon, liberal, etc. But really, just like to read your site. Here is my hard earned advice re: pump tubing: always tuck it in your pants/skirt. It gets hung up on everything! Particularly trecherous in my house are the knobs on our lower cabinetry in our kitchen and any door knob. There is nothing worse than having to replace your infusion set in the middle of the night when you pull it out walking back from the bathroom.

  11. i’m not really a lurker lurker but i read because of the “human interest” story. everybody’s got a story, I’m interesyed in yours. and I sooo want you both to be parents that i want to read until that day finally happens for you both!

  12. i hope what i said didnt come off as weird or stupid, if it did i am sorry.

  13. I found you by linking to some of Estelle’s links. I wanted to say Hi but the day after I started reading your blog is when Pili lost the baby. I didn’t think you would appreciate reading my gushing blog about my partner and I expecting twins. However we did suffer a devastating miscarriage last year, I have actually had 5 and that was my partners 3rd. We are so very sorry and look forward to read about your new adventure in adoption. You do not smell through my computer. We are in Saratoga Springs NY. I will never make 10,000 hits. Nobody reads my blog.


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