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June 21, 2006 at 3:53 pm | Posted in The Sweet Life | 5 Comments

My sugars have not been playing nice today.

I had a high last night (where high is defined as 300+) due to some petulant post-dinner snacking. It came down nicely with a bedtime bolus and I woke up a little on the low side (62) this morning.

After breakfast, I was 170. I gave a wee bolus.
At lunch I was still 170. I ate the lunch special at our local Japanese resturant – miso soup, edamame, a small ball of rice, three pieces of tempura, and salmon teryiaki – which was a little hard to count for, especially since my trusty calorie-king book had exited my purse without permission.

An hour after lunch I was 231. I decided to wait and see just how much action I get out of my humalog.

Two hours after lunch (which admittedly was pretty heavy in the fat and protein dept) I was 284. I took the bolus wizard’s suggestion, and bolused 2.2u.

Smokey just beeped at me to test, so I did (three hours post lunch, one hour post bolus). 291.

Any thoughts pumpball wizards? Should I do an injection? Change my site? I just disconnected and did a fixed prime, and there is insulin coming out of the tubing…

Ugh. This does not make me happier.

Also, why do you have to manually turn off the check bg alert? Why can’t the silly pump turn the alert off itself after the meter has sent over a reading?


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  1. I wish I could help, my husband is a type 1 diabetic too, but he’s terrified of having a needle in him permanently to do a pump.

    I’m surprised, according to him, over 200 is too high, is it considered 300 now?

    When he has “unexplainable” highs (“unexplainable” = he didn’t have a cookie or piece of candy or treat a reaction with reeses peanut butter cups) he generally decides to go for a long walk and tries to get some extra excercise. It sometimes helps.

  2. How long has it been since you changed your site? O can go three days, max, on hers and then her bgs start to creep up. Well, creep if creeping means skyrocketing thru the roof and staying there.

    I would give an injection, if it were O with that number, and I’d change the site.

    Is your insulin getting old?

    My mantra is “When in doubt, change the site.” It’s a pain in the ass, I know, but 9 times out of 10, it does the trick.

  3. Hey Art,

    Yeah, it could be your site (how long have you had it in), or the insulin, or the high fat/high carb lunch. Have things calmed down yet?

    If that happens to me, I sometimes take an injection and if it brings me right down, I know it’s the site that’s gone wrong. And yes, sometimes even a quick walk will get things coming down nicely.

    And journeywoman, tell your husband that you don’t have a NEEDLE in you permanently. It’s a painless plastic tiny tube and it’s frankly a lot less of a hassle than multiple injections. I swear!

  4. I’m responding to this late, but I wanted to give you my thoughts.

    Almost anytime I eat out, I need a whole lot more insulin than if I made the same exact meal at home. Also, I find that I might be in range 1-2 hours afterward, and 3+ hours, I’m high. I just correct and move on, knowing that it’s the fat and protein.

    Restaurants are so hard!

  5. You are mega brave for going on pump! I tried it for 3 weeks and couldn’t stand the needle in me all the time!
    Good luck!

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