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July 15, 2006 at 1:06 am | Posted in AdoptThis!, Home, Sweet Home? | 8 Comments

Someone (who hasn’t updated herself since she dropped a big bombshell a couple of days ago) nagged me about updating. Ever the dutiful blogger, I shall.

The meeting with Mrs. VT was fine. She quizzed me about my family, didn’t appear to have read my autobiography with much care (No, Mrs. VT, I don’t have any siblings. I did mention that a few times in my autobiography, I believe), asked me what I thought the strengths of our relationship were, told me lots of stories about all the couples she’s helped, and asked me how I thought I would handle it if our child turned out to have a disability.

Wait a minute: Throw him in the trash was not the right answer? OH CRAP.

The conference proposal is almost done, and I got an extension until Monday.

Monday is also the day VT comes to our home. We’re taking her at her word that she is not showing up with white gloves on, although I may have to bake some cookies. Mostly just to see how quickly Red Riding Hood can cream butter and sugar, of course.

But the happiest news of the day? Sorry for the crappy photo, but I must report that I Have a Hart. I also have one fewer groundhog in my backyard.

Groundhog, Interrupted

p.s. Calzones were filled with ricotta, mozzarella, a variety of lovely greens from our CSA, onion, and garlic.


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  1. Sometimes I wonder if they just make you fill out all that paperwork to make it look like they’re doing something. Do they really read it all? I doubt it.

  2. Okay, I have to ask: what is to be the fate of the poor groundhog? Is she being shipped off to a penal colony, a petting zoo, a more wild, free-roaming, non-garden-destroying existence? I know she’s rotten, but what a sweet little face!

  3. Hah! Updates are coming.
    Thanks for yours – congratulations on jumping in with two feet! I think this qualifies you as being into your second trimester.

  4. Doncha love having to do all that work on an autobiography and then having it skimmed? Sheesh. As one who stresses about my house when the cable guy comes in, and as one who has been in many houses as a pet sitter and seen everything from year-old garbage to so clean I was afraid I’d sneeze and miss wiping up a droplet: I promise you that you will work too hard getting ready for the visit and when she leaves you will be bummed that you cleaned stuff she never even looked at. It ‘s just part of the thing. And getting it over with is what counts.

  5. I think the groundhog should audition for the next Chronicles of Narnia movie.

  6. it drives me bananas when ppl don’t pay attention. But I guess it doesn’t pay to give your social worker a hard time. well done for being patient!

  7. so glad things are moving right along!!
    & now that you have answered the calzone question (& damn that sounds yummy!) what WILL you do with Mr. (Or is it Ms.?) Groundhog?

  8. And we weren’t invited? Let me tell you, she can COOK!

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