Now I’m Frustrated

August 6, 2006 at 3:50 pm | Posted in AdoptThis!, Linky Love | 7 Comments

Vaseline Teeth is on vacation for the next week or so.

She did not bother to return calls or emails asking when she might have a draft of the homestudy before she left.

I cannot wait to have the homestudy approved by our agency and get this woman OUT of my life.

If you don’t have anything better to do (and obviously I don’t) go cheer on Julia. She’s in labor! And she has wireless internet in the hospital!

Actually, I do have something to do, I just don’t want to do it.

I am at this moment supposed to be swabbing down the walls, so that my mother-out-law, who is highly allergic to cats – and who called us from the airport this morning to report that she forgot to bring her inhaler – will not die when she steps into our house tonight.

Swabbing down the walls, to remove cat dander. Ahoy Matey.


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  1. If I knew where ol’ VT was, I’d go kick her ass foryou. Cat dander on the walls? I’d be pretty freakin’ psyched if that’s the only place there was cat dander in my house! And where’d the cats go? Won’t they just create more dander?

  2. Grr. After working for a while in her field, you’d think she’d understand how to deal with prospective adoptive parents a little more humanely.

  3. Hang in there!

  4. Our agency contact took a liesurely two week vacation during a pivitol point in our process without telling us. Then started her first communication post-vacation saying what a lovely time she had. I know you can guess what I wanted to say back. And since she has returned she has been no more forthcoming than when she was gone. I don’t begrudge anyone their vacations, but this is not REALTY, these are kids we are waiting for in the dog days of summer, dang it! A little consideration for our plights would go a long f-g way. So I know what you are saying. Is what I am saying.

  5. oy! lame Vaseline, very lame.

    & the image of you swabbing down the decks of cat fuzz- now THAT is some serious MIL love there. I hope she takes note!

  6. Ack – sorry for the delays and the scrubbing. Bleh.

  7. I had a great time meeting you and pili (and the mol) yesterday. Next time you’re in Toronto, definitely let me know. You still have an offer of a free place to stay, though it’s not exciting in any way.

    And sorry if I seemed a bit odd–partly I am (haha) and partly I wasn’t sure how much you’d shared with your mol and didn’t want to contradict something you’d said inadvertently.

    I hope you enjoyed the gardens!

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