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August 9, 2006 at 11:39 am | Posted in Linky Love | 2 Comments

I feel like all I ever do anymore is dash into blogger and breathlessly promise updates that never happen. This summer has been spinning by so fast I’m dizzy. I’m blogging from work b/c Pili’s mom is in town, and I can’t really disappear into the office at home for long stretches of time. For better or worse, she has not (knock wood) imploded from cat dander yet. That’s a cheap shot and I should resist making it (but I didn’t). She’s not the easiest person in the world with whom to spend time, but in her own way I know that she loves us both greatly, and it means a lot for her to make the trip out here.

We went to Niagara Falls with Pili’s mom on Monday, which accounts for my sudden disappearance from the blogosphere when a very special person was off having babies and shit. Welcome to the world Charlotte Jane! While we were in Niagara, we got to meet the fabulous Andrea and Frances. It’s funny, because Andrea and I both just recently posted about blogging personas vs. real-life selves (although she was 100X more thoughtful and eloquent about it). But afterwards, Pili asked me how I thought Andrea’s real life self compared to her blog self, and I said that I thought they were remarkably similar. Thoughtful, funny, kind, and very much in love with her Frances – who is quite possibly the Best Toddler Ever. Due to the presence of said PiliMom, who kept wandering off and making me feel like a frazzled cat herder, and said Frances (who didn’t wander nearly as much) we didn’t really get to Talk with a capitol T much, but I really enjoyed spending time with her.

I very much appreciate all your support on the adoption front. I know things will get done… and I know that I have a posse of folks out there who’d gladly knock their knuckles against those vaseline smeared teeth for me! Muchas gracias, mis amigas.


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  1. I’m happy with “remarkably similar.” I can live with that.

    And Frances IS the world’s Best Toddler Ever. She won that election fair and square. Any allegations of ballot-box tampering were just rumour-mongering. šŸ˜‰

  2. We’ll take the updates whenever you can post them. I’ve always said, about blogging, is that there’s no obligation – you do it when you can, and when you feel like it.

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