Rorschach/Photo Friday (Early!)

August 30, 2006 at 11:55 pm | Posted in Photo Friday, Political Animal, Ya Gotta Eat | 16 Comments

First of all, what comes to mind when you see this tomato?

Tomato Two

Tomato Three

Please do share your thoughts. I will use them as the basis for your diagnosis.

So what does this have to do with Photo Friday?

The topic for Photo Friday this week is “politics.” Post a photo which in some way showcases your politics. Funky tomatoes? Politics? Yes.

This tomato comes from our CSA. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. We pay $400 in the Spring, and get beautiful boxes of locally grown organic produce all summer long. By doing so, we benefit – we eat delicious, fresh, healthy veggies and far more of them than we normally would – the farmer benefits by sharing some of his risk with us (if he gets screwed by weather or bugs, so do we) – and the earth benefits. No harmful fertilizers and pesticides being washed into our waterways, and no fossil fuels being used to truck our produce 3000 miles across the country.

These are my politics. Consume thoughtfully. If you’re going to be a consumer – and oh boy am I ever one – try to create relationships through your consuming. My CSA has connected me with friends in my neighborhood. I hear the life story of my tomatoes in the newsletter that comes with my box. I treasure the rug I bought from a coworker’s aunt 10 years ago. Minimize impact. Am I going to foreswear lettuce from California in the midst of a brutal northern winter? No. But during the summer, when lettuce and corn and all manner of fabulous fruits are being grown right around me – why should I buy lettuce that’s been trucked from g-d only knows where?

The added benefit? I’d have to post a picture of me eating these tomatoes like apples, juice dripping down my chin, to convey how unbelievably rich and lush and tomatoey they taste. And the salad greens we get last two weeks in the fridge before they start to wilt.

I’ll leave you with a recipe of sorts for my favorite summer treat:

Cut rounds of locally baked italian bread. Place at bottom of baking dish. Layer fresh heirloom tomatoes, fresh basil, and fresh mozzarella on top. Drizzle olive oil and balsamic vinegar over them. Sprinkle with sea salt and ground pepper. Repeat layers. Try to stop eating it.


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  1. That looks like a happy tomato!

    I’m strange when it comes to tomatoes. I’m not a fan if they’re raw. The texture of the runny seeds nixes it for me.

    But I’ve got some Italian in me and was raised on home-made tomato sauces, and I love a good chunky salsa, and ketchup is just a fine condiment. But raw tomatoes are out in my book.

    I wish I was different.

    Word Verification = phfcow (kinda funny, though I’m not sure why).

  2. That looks just like a tomato I picked from my garden last weekend. Beautiful!


  3. I don’t know, but the second picture looks like you’re milking it.
    We grow our veggies and some of our fruit. We make our baby food and dog food (okay, we’ve slipped on the dog food in the past few months, but up to that their entire five years on this earth have been nurtured by these hands). We use cloth diapers and dry on a line. I once had a woman offer to knit me a blanket out of my dog’s fur, but I turned her down. I carpool when I can, and drive as fuel efficient vehicles as possible when I can’t. I turn off all the lights in my house and don’t turn the AC below 82. I recycle.
    But then I go boating on weekends and blow it all to hell. Oh well.

  4. Amen to your politics on this one. Our CSA is the third-best thing that ever happened to me.

  5. It’s a doggy pee pee! You know the kind that pops up when they are giving themselves some head?

    waiting for my diagnosis….

  6. art-sweet’s old friend (the one with the SO from the earlier post…).

    seriously, she’s right — try to stop eating that the caprese-salad-on-good-bread. i dont even go for raw tomoatoes much myself, but i put such a hurt on that dish at art-sweet’s this past weekend it’s not even funny.

  7. Um….

  8. Is that a tomato in your hand or are you happy to see me?

  9. Okay, lady, some of us are at work! You should warn us or something before allowing tomato porn to pop up on our screens!

    Oh, how I love a fresh tomato. Our garden is currently overflowing with ’em. Here’s a tomato idea from me: Last night I rolled out biscuit dough into the botoom of a pie pan, layered tomato slices over it, and then added a mixture of a little mayo with cheddar cheese and fresh basil (also out of the garden.) Then I plopped the rest of the biscuit dough on top in little bloops and baked it. Yum!

  10. PS– We have those organic coops around here too. I’m totally with you on shopping local during the growing season, but usually do mine at the farmer’s market. However, my husband works for a lady who subscribes to one of the coop things and she is always sending us extra veggies. I love this woman!

  11. I may never look at tomatoes the same way.

    And I am constantly surprise how, here in Washington, most of the apples in the supermarket are from New freaking Zealand. At least the farrmer’s market is just down the street.

  12. well clearly that tomato is happy to see you.

    & I dig your politics, lady.

  13. Yes, it’s true. I stole some screen shots from Veggie Tales, the adult version.

  14. Two words – giant clitoris

  15. It looks like a man with severe elephantitis of the ball sac.

    This is the first time in a while that I’ve commented (been lazy) and of course I’m enticed to comment on this, lol.

  16. Perverted produce! I have a flickr tag for it! I had a baby carrot with a penis and two carrots humping. Not quite as good as the giant balls on that tomato, though.

    I need to look into the CSA thing and see if we have something similiar here. I’m sure we must.

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