Argh, argh, argh.

September 12, 2006 at 4:24 pm | Posted in AdoptThis!, Political Animal | 11 Comments

Many things are enraging me today:

Adoption: Crawling out of my skin with frustration. Guatemala Agency Lady (Ms. GAL) has still not given us feedback on the homestudy, which makes me think she hates it. She told me to call her today and has not returned my calls. Meanwhile, Vaseline Teeth is tugging on my sleeve wondering why Ms. Gal has not gotten back to us yet. The police clearance has to be sent away to be certified, but Vaseline Teeth won’t release it until we pay her part II of her fee, and given her tendency to move slower than a sloth on valium, I’m not doing that until she’s made all the needed corrections and given us the corrected, signed sealed and notarized homestudy. Oh, and did I mention that according to Ms. Gal, the timeline for referrals is now twice as long as we were told previously. I’d like to ask her why, but she won’t return my call…

President Bush: How does he get away with one day dismissing a congressional report showing absolutely no link between AlQuaeda and Saddam Hussein and the next day linking September 11th and terrorism to the war we’re fighting… the one in Iraq. This man is a disgrace to our country, plain and simple.


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  1. I’m sorry about the adoption angst and I totally agree with you about the president.

  2. How frustrating. I don’t know what I would do without all that frustration!

  3. My experience with these people is that they don’t hate us because they don’t care. You have to care a little to hate someone. She is probably just pushing your file around her desk.

    I know it seems paradoxical that an agency that purports to be all about the children would be so cold. It’s one of those hellish lessons we get to learn as preadoptive parents.

    Are you on the Guatamala adoption list? Finding others who are working with your agency can be a sanity saver because preadoptive parents tend to be a lot freer with what they know than the agencies (which is why the agencies often fail to hook you up and you have to find each other on lists).

    You should be able to get some information about trends anyway. Unfortunately, you will most likely get conflicting information. Which is slightly more entertaining than getting no information.

    Uploading the empathy…..

  4. How frusrating! Here’s hoping Ms. GAL and Ms. VT get their shit together.

    Totally agree with you re: the president. He’s a disgrace.

  5. Hateful, isn’t he?

    I’m not an especially patient person, but I’ve never been in the position of waiting waiting waiting on anything remotely as important as this process you’re going through. Sheesh. I would have resorted to voodoo by now.


  7. Why oh why are adoption agencies so slow? They should have amped up people working there who call you back after 5 minutes and process evrything as if they are on speed. And holy hell, the waiting is terrible.

  8. Frustration and endless waiting are definitely part of the process – Sucks, doesn’t it? I never thought it would be this stressful.

    Ditto what you said about Shrub.

  9. Grrrr this is so irritating. I hope she gets it to you really fast but until then have fun twiddling your thumbs. Mine are raw from twiddling.

    I am on one of the Guat groups on yahoo….hope to see you there.

  10. Well, you know all about how I feel about bushy boy, so I won’t go off on it again. Asshat.

    Sounds like Ms.GAL needs a nice swift kick in her Guatemalan facilitation ass. I volunteer my left foot.

  11. Ah, President Bush.

    Let me offer the only thing that helps me get through a Bush-infused day – the Chimp-o-matic ( What happens is that you read a quote and slap your head so hard you forget what you slapped it for.

    Self-induced Bush-amesia, so to speak.

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