A year ago today…

September 18, 2006 at 11:03 am | Posted in More than you ever wanted to know about me..., PiliPiliPili | 34 Comments

Pili & I were married, in the small seaside town where her family has spent many salt-drenched weekends. Our friends and family wove a chuppah for us out of beautiful colored ribbons. We said our vows in front of a rabbi and an episcopal priest. We danced to a kick-ass klezmer band as a full moon rose over the ocean.

It was the best day of my life.

My dad says that every time he sees a full moon now, he feels happy being reminded of that day.

This past year has been marked by disappointment and sadness. But through it all the joy hangs, like that full moon, almost over-stretched with light. I get to spend the rest of my life with this woman.

Happy anniversary pweet-sea. I love you.

p.s. Flickr friends go here for some pretty pictures.


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  1. Happy anniversary to Art & Pili!

  2. happy anniversary.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Did you do something fun?

  4. Here’s to enjoying today as much as you did one year ago. 🙂 Happy Anniversary


  5. Happy anniversary!

  6. Happy anniversaries abound! Loved the comment from your father – how meaningful. Here’s hoping that the coming year brings more in the way of joy & less heartbreak.

  7. Happy anniversary to you both!

    I just love this post.

  8. Congratulations! What a beautiful story. May your second year be just as full of love, and even more full of happiness.

  9. Congratulations!!

    We love you two!

  10. Happy Anniversary!!

  11. Happy Anniversary!

    And–did you ever get my email thanking you for the cd?

  12. My goodness! Has it been a year already?! Congratulations to you both. Happiness Always! It couldn’t happen to a nicer couple!

  13. Happy Anniversary to two amazing women!

  14. Woo hoo hoo! Does my heart good to read this kind of news.

    I’ve loved meeting you and Pili via your writing. Happy for you both.

  15. awww!

  16. happy anniversary!

  17. Happy anniversary! Yes, your first year of marriage has been wraught with many emotional highs and lows, but you two have loved and supported each other through it all. That’s the real kind of commitment that I wish for you two keep having and for all of us to have.

    Much love to you both!

  18. Happy anniversary!

  19. Oh, I almost forgot. In that game I’m playing a lot lately, the villagers all get names the computer assigns. One of my villagers is Pili!

  20. Congratulations to the first of many… and may you live to see your children’s children.

    Many blessings!

  21. Happy anniversary, Art-Sweet and Pili!!

  22. Happy anniversary! It sounds like you are a wonderful pair.

  23. Happy Anniversary!!! I’m glad we share a weekend!

  24. Happy Anniversary to Pili and Art-Sweet.
    I hope you celebrate each other!!!

  25. Happy Anniversary! I hope that you’re doing something that approaches the beauty and romance of the wedding to celebrate!

  26. Happy happy anniversary! Beautiful pix.

  27. HS BF…

    Happy anniversary! I’m so glad I was able to be there a year ago to celebrate with you – I love you both very much.

  28. Happy Anniversary!

  29. A belated Happy Anniversary to you both!

  30. Happy Anniversary. May the coming year bring you much peace, joy, anc fulfillment.

  31. Happy Anniversary!!!!!!

  32. Happy Anniversary!


  34. happy anniverary! may you have many more…

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