Bah humbug NPR

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I am sitting at home waiting for the furnace repairman to come and do our annual fall tune up (sad, sad, sad) and, for the third year in a row, tell us that our furnace is Very Old and Will Not Last the Winter.

ETA: And bah humbug furnace as well. I had to run out the door to go to therapy, so I only got to go through the first half of the annual exam with my friend, Mr. I Can’t Believe This Thing Still Runs (and did you know how much money you’d save if you put it in a new $3000 high efficiency furnace?). I thought we had passed the danger point of the exam, so I left him to let himself out the garage door and went off to therapy to whine about my life. Two terrible things happened

1) As I was leaving therapy, a car pulled up. It was my good friend, Ms. Hippie Sunshine. Who is going to see MY therapist. Ick.

2) I came back to a oddly quiet furnace and the following note on the washing machine. “Checked and cleaned furnace. Measured over 400 pm CO in furnace flue at top. Furnace is not safe to operate. I shut off gas and electric to furnace. Do not turn this furnace on.” I’m glad we won’t be gassed in our bed, but oh crap. Crap, crap, crap. Three crappy thousand crappy dollars crappy.

So, NPR:

So I happened to be listening to NPR and hear this story about diabetes. Honestly, NPR, I expected better. Touting inhalable insulin like it’s going to revolutionize treatment, and never mentioning (on air) the downsides to it? And of course, the inevitable type2/type1 confusion. They start out like this:

Glucose control — keeping blood sugar as close to normal as possible — is vital for diabetics. Patients must prick their fingers several times a day to monitor blood-sugar levels. They must also watch their diet, exercise and take pills. And most of them ultimately must use insulin, which is typically taken by injection.

Halfway through they mentioned that they were talking about “type 2 diabetes, the most common kind.” No other explanation of differences between T1 & T2. And a real emphasis on non-drug treatment as a sign of maximizing control: “A daily workout could mean that a patient like Kittredge might be able to cut back on the drugs he takes for his diabetes. So old-fashioned exercise is still one of the best treatment plans around.”

Grrr. And I have to leave the house in an hour and no furnace dude in sight.

More Veggie P@rn & some interview questions

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Big Dude

This big guy came in our CSA basket this week. He was promptly chopped up with green onions (CSA), cilantro (CSA), jalapeno (CSA), salt, cumin, and lime juice & made into a delicious salsa.

Big Dude with Mac

Here’s Big Dude with Pili’s laptop for a sense of scale.

I didn’t post the tomato tart recipe because, although it looked purty, I think I’ve tasted better. But since you insist… I followed this recipe, more or less. I added some pesto to the inside of the crust after the first bake, and then broiled the tart for about 10 minutes instead of serving it with raw tomatoes. Because that seemed weird to me.

On a totally different note:

So about a year ago, I asked if anyone wanted to be interviewed. The rules are: I ask you five questions. You answer my questions on your blog (heh, evil cackle) and then ask if five of your readers would like to be interviewed. They respond in the comments, you ask them questions, they post the answers on their blog and the fun, it never ends.

For Journeywoman:

  • What advice would you give to fellow partners of people with diabetes?
  • What draws you to adopt from China?
  • Toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe?
  • What was the happiest day of your life? Why?
  • Are you and your husband planning to raise your kid(s) strictly Jewish or will traditions from his family be mixed in? How did you come to this decision?

For PithyDithy:

  • How did a fire-fighter/carpenter & an academic meet and fall in love?
  • Can you imagine yourself living in Bucolia for the rest of your life or do you think you’ll move eventually?
  • Okay, assuming the kid has ten toes, ten fingers and everything else inbetween in the right proportions. Do you prefer male or female? Why? What about MrPD?
  • You said you wanted a big family. How big is too big?
  • How are the chickens doing?

For Susan – I promised I wasn’t going to ask baby questions. We’ll see if I can do it:

  • Do you also hope to give birth someday? If so, how did you decide who tried first?
  • What is your dream job?
  • How do you think having a chronic illness has shaped you as a person?
  • What is your favorite body part?
  • Tattoos, yea or nay?

For Erin:

  • If you wind up adopting – domestic or international – and why?
  • What do you enjoy about teaching?
  • If you could only pick one for a year, which would it be – chocolate or sex?
  • Do you like living where you live? Why?
  • Toe-may-toe or toe-mah-toe?

For ANON HS BF (just answer in the comments, babe):

  • Care to update my lovely readers (and me) on your Super Hunk (SH)’s adventures in the diabetes world? Do you have any questions you’d like the diabetes blogosphere to answer for you?
  • What would you say are the two biggest ways you’ve changed since we dated in seventh grade?
  • What would you say are the two biggest ways I’ve changed since we dated in seventh grade?
  • What’s the most memorable meal you’ve ever eaten?
  • What’s your favorite airport?

I know that Estelle and Charlotte wanted to be interviewed too, but I am dead tired. So give them some linky love and keep passing the meme along.

I couldn’t resist

September 4, 2006 at 11:33 am | Posted in Political Animal | 8 Comments

A little fun with photoshop.

Freak Show

Art-Sweet & Pili go to the fair, or Why America Has an Obesity Problem

September 4, 2006 at 12:32 am | Posted in Ya Gotta Eat | 14 Comments

But first, I’m sure you have all been wondering what happened to the world’s happiest tomato.

Making the Tomato Less Happy Tomato Tart
Well, first I made it
Then I made it into
heirloom tomato tart with
parmesan crust.

So I have to write about the State Fair. The State Fair is one of the best things about living in a place where people think that Olive Garden is an ethnic restaurant. This year, I decided to take photographs of all the deep-fried things at the fair that g-d never ever meant to be deep-fried. Witness:

I didn’t see them, but new this year at the fair was deep fried spaghetti and meatballs on a stick, served of course, with a slice of deep-fried Italian bread. Now I am as big a fan of fried dough and apple dumplings as anyone out there, and the maple cotton candy that I bought from the maple syrup producer’s booth (yes, MinnNice, I totally disregarded my own advice to you) was delish. But I did try a bite of deep fried oreo, least you think I am a big snob who just mocks without trying. And ugh. Some things, believe it or not, were not meant to be deep fried.

There’s lots of other stuff at the fair. For example:

I’m too lazy to cut and paste each photo into blogger, so click through to flickr to find out what you’re looking at and read my commentary.

Hip Hip Hooray!

September 2, 2006 at 9:08 am | Posted in AdoptThis! | 10 Comments

Just when I was getting ready to go downtown and stage a sit-in at the door of the World’s Slowest Social Worker, aka Mrs. Vaseline Teeth, for not returning our phone calls… what should arrive in the mail yesterday?

Our homestudy draft. And a note saying that, yes, she does have the notarized copy of our police clearance letter. And a bill for the rest of her fee. The draft looks good, although Pili had to resist the urge to correct several grevious grammatical errors.

I still wonder whether it would have caused her bodily harm to call us and let us know that it was in the mail?

Coming Soon: The Long Overdue Interview Questions, and a Trip to the State Fair, aka the Home of Deep Fried Everything.

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