Photo Saturday: A is for…

October 22, 2006 at 12:01 am | Posted in Meows, Photo Friday, PiliPiliPili | 11 Comments


Sleeping kitties

Thank you for all your support and comments yesterday. I think it’s good for me, as a total non-smoker, to be reminded by others what a tough habit this is to kick. And you all are my witnesses, that Pili says she is back on the wagon as of tomorrow. Honestly, if ever a situation called for falling back on old comforts, this one did.

I am so awed by my Pili – by her steadfastness and dedication. I always knew it, but now I know it more than ever. She’s going to be an awesome mom.


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  1. A is for Agapē.

  2. What’s your orange kitty’s name? She looks like our Clem. Is she loud and totally docile?

  3. AWWW! The kitties are spooning!

  4. Oh, yes, that is definitely an awwwwwfest.

  5. Cute!

  6. Too cute for words!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I am so glad that this is all resolving. People manage stress in so many different ways! I quit smoking almost two years ago and the main thing that has kept me from ever going back was remembering how BAD it sucked to stop smoking. It was seriously the hardest thing (or close to) I’ve ever done. It was even harder than stopping fentanyl, because I was in a treatment facility when I stopped fentanyl, and I had medications to help ease the withdrawal symptoms. Hang in there!

  8. I just love your pictures.

    Would you believe I actually went kayaking this weekend? My camera batteries crapped out less than halfway through, so I missed a TON of good pictures.

    This is one that I thought was interesting.

    Is that a …

    Yes, it is a couch. In the middle of the river.

  9. awwwwwwww indeed!!
    spooning kitties is the cutest thing ever.

  10. sooooo cozy!

  11. I’m so sorry you girls are going through a hard time right now, and I hope all is resolved soon.

    Very best of luck-wishes to Pili on the smoking thing. My Dan has smoked the entire 10 years of our relationship and my world of concern can never seem to crack the connection. He wants to stop, he has tried to stop, but it seems to mimic an exorcism in every possible way.

    Thinking of you both….*hugs*

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