Photo Friday: D is for…

November 11, 2006 at 11:15 am | Posted in Photo Friday, The Sweet Life | 8 Comments

Diabetes Scars

Testing 1, 2

… Diabetes.


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  1. I guess someone who deals with D can appreciate what a nice looking insertion that is….no redness at all!

  2. Silhouettes still gross me out. Angled sets + me = problems.

  3. My brother has juvenile onset diabetes. (He’s in his 40s now). It is so often neglected as it is an invisible condition to so many. Your essay is terribly moving, and I hope to have him read it someday.

  4. Is it wrong that seeing ‘old smokey’ was like meeting a celebrity?

  5. I’m being wild and responding to this entry versus the one from Thursday. I remember getting those menus in the hospital with all the good stuff crossed out. So frustrating!

    And wow, we’re equipment twins! My Minimed is a “smokey” model and you’ve already seen my silhouettes. Thanks for posting your entry on Thursday and the pictures today. It’s inspiring me to tell a story of my own about my diagnosis.

  6. I had a pump that dosed me with terbutaline starting at week 28 of my pregnancy. I thought it was a pain at the time. Had to call in to a nurse’s service to get permission to do extra boluses. I can’t imagine having to continually have a pump into my leg. I was very clumsy with mine- was always getting it caught on stuff, ripping the tube halfway out of my leg, etc. Plus I was a total wimp about sticking myself. One day Bri was over, and I had to have her read the manual for me as I did it because I was too nervous to read the manual *and* do the procedure at the same time. And that was like 2 months into it.
    I give you a lot of credit for handling having a pump, not temporarily but as a part of your ongoing life. You may not have a choice, but I’m still impressed with you for dealing with it, having a sense of humor about it, and being so “vocal” about it on your blog. I heart your blog. And I hear you’re a pretty kick-ass lady IRL too.

  7. I too am completely thrown by the whole right/left thing. It is such a strange thing not to be able to do. I have to consciencely think about which hand I write with and proceed accordingly, EVERYTIME. And on someone else I just guess, 50/50. I’m 44 I don’t think I’m gonna get it…………. AKM

  8. These are perfect– two of the very few tangible signs that one has this thing.

    Beautiful photos, as always.

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