Disembowelled, Disempowered of Attorney

November 29, 2006 at 11:39 pm | Posted in AdoptThis! | 7 Comments

This one’s for Andrea, who asked: Did our Power of Attorney (lets the attorney in Guatemala act on our behalf in Guatebaby’s adoption) come back from being authenticated at the Consulate today? Since I couldn’t find your email address, and since it is a classic story in the poor-me genre, and I’m always a sucker for sympathy, I’ll give you your answer here, Andrea.

Why, yes, yes the POA did arrive today. Unfortunately, the County Clerk’s name on the authentication read D——- instead of V——-. I immediately called and emailed our agency (not home), asked for advice from half a dozen people, all of whom gave conflicting advice, and eventually decided to go ahead and FedEx the documents (hello $$$) to Guatemala with the expectation that we would redo them before we hit PGN.

I got hopelessly lost looking for the FedEx HQ, which is located in one of those scary semi-industrial zones near the airport that seem like they’d be a great place to leave a body if you didn’t want it to be found, ever. My gas light came on and stayed on, but I was terrified that if I stopped for gas, I wouldn’t get to FedEx before they closed. I made it in the bare, we-were-about-to-lock-up nick of time, and was patting myself on the back because if I had mailed the documents tomorrow morning they wouldn’t get to Guatemala until Monday. Only to get home and discover an email from the coordinator, saying, no, no – don’t mail them.

Did you know you can call FedEx and they’ll return documents to you? I didn’t. Now I do.


ETA: Apparently you can ask FedEx to return documents to you. This does not insure that said documents, will, in fact, be returned to you. Sigh squared.


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  1. Yea! It’s the first post ever dedicated to a question of mine. I feel special today!

    Something in the air, then. As you know, I am getting ready to get our POA redone today because the notary’s commission AT the Sec. of State’s office expires in January (on my wedding, date, ironically). Should be a great day for a 4 hour roundtrip, plus a trip to the Sec. of State’s office. 😦 Ugh.

    Good to know about FedEx. 🙂

    Thanks for the shout-out, sort of, Art Sweet! Hang in there, our Guatebabies are waiting for us!!

  2. ahh! I hate driving around angst. But at least you know where the fed ex is.
    & I think they will actually come pick it up from you if you print out all the stuff on-line.


  3. You have finally outdone me with a paperwork story. WOW. I had no idea that fed ex will stop your mail from moving. One of those trivia facts I will squirrell away, but not so trivial to you! Sheesh.

  4. Oh that sucks! I’m so sorry! At least you know now…because mine got kicked out by the registrar in Guat after it had been there for a month and we had to re-do it so we lost a month.

  5. Yipes!!!

  6. yeah. that fed ex thing is a gold nugget in this post for me.

    you’re a regular font, sister. a font.

  7. I guess you did get gas then?

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