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February 2, 2007 at 11:36 pm | Posted in Home, Sweet Home?, Photo Friday | 9 Comments

I’ll distract myself from all of the Big Questions and from the lack of updates from Guatemala by catching up on my photo friday topics.

Last week’s topic was “a unique body part.” Anyone who’s ever sparred with me in karate knows that I have unusually, I dare even say, uniquely, sharp elbows. They put umbrella tips to shame, my elbows do. Pili would like to register that she thinks I have other unique body parts. Do I need to go into further detail on that erm, front, erm?


This week’s topic was “show me your sofa and anything on it.” Somewhat sheepishly I do.

our couch

Tonight my sofa was occupied by a snoozing (“just ten minutes, I mean it!” she says) Pili and an ever changing parade of cats, none of whom chose to grace this picture with their presence. The traces of their attentions are, unfortunately, all too visible, especially next to the barely touched scratching post. The soft and colorful afghan is a handmade wedding present and the green sling (just barely visible) is a hopefully-soon-to-be-used hand-me-down from gandksmom.


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  1. Pili doesn’t look very relaxed. Is she feeling OK? :-}

    Isn’t it strange how cats decide what they will scratch and it’s hard to change that. I wonder if this would change if you rub the scratching post with catnip.

  2. I have super sharp elbows, too! My poor hubby has received the business end of them once or twice while we’ve been sleeping. Well, HE was sleeping, and apparently, I was defending the world, based on how I was swinging them around 🙂

    My cat digs our couch as scratching post, too. Or, the one digs at the carpet IN FRONT OF the scratching post. She’s a bright one, she is.

  3. Sometimes I sleep with my eyes open too. 😉

  4. Sharp elbows are a lethal weapon!! I think you should have to register with some kind of authority to have elbows like that…


  5. Holy! How come you never told us you were married to Natasha Lyonne?

  6. I have super sharp knees.

    I’ve been thinking about your guys’ situation, and I hope things are getting easier, even if no solutions are in sight for the near future.

    Just focus on one thing at a time, and don’t get overwhelmed. And do lots of fun things together — movies and popcorn is a simple, but time-tested winner for us.


  7. cracking up!
    I JUST bought Talula a fancy scratching post as she was destroying the carpet. She has yet to scratch it but she does sit on it…ugh

  8. Pili sure has changed in the past few days! LOL! I never noticed your sharp elbows! Hmm…

  9. LOL about the elbows! I must say they look well-moisturized though.

    btw- the sling is going to be your best friend. That is the one baby item I could absolutely not live without.

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