Not-Very-Confidential to T&A in Chicago

February 22, 2007 at 12:09 am | Posted in Bringing Home the Bacon, Home, Sweet Home?, Linky Love | 8 Comments

(Yes, we really have friends whose initials are T&A. No, they don’t really think it’s as funny as I do.) This was originally supposed to be posted on the day of the big snow, but Pili’s camera cable was eaten by a puppy in India.

Snow Deck

This is what I was doing while Pili was cooking up a Valentines Day feast.

Still think you know who’s butch in our relationship, ladies?

And to my friend Chicagomama. You can have your g-ddamn Weggies. I just want my innocence back. In other words, I want to return to a life where the words “roof rake” have no personal significance to me. This is about the time of year when I forget how much the other people on our condo board annoyed me and all I remember is that when we lived there I did not have to shovel sixteen tons of snow off my deck so that it wouldn’t collapse.

And to the previous owners of our house: What were you smoking when you built an extension onto the house with a flat roof? In the freakin’ frozen tundera icebound wasteland snowbelt?

And to my back, shoulders, and legs: I’m really, really sorry. Yes, I know you’re not twenty-one anymore. I’m sure I’ll know that even more tomorrow morning.

And to the people who wrote the grant application I learned was due tomorrow yesterday, on which I’ve been working all day, on Valentines Day: If you don’t give this to us, I am going to be majorly pissed. More later – I still have a 2/3 in-kind match to fabricate figure out.


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  1. When we first moved to MN, someone told us about a roof rake. We thought they were trying to pull a fast one over us – ha ha ha, you shovel your roof?! – except, gah! It’s true!

  2. Hee hee- I think it’s funny. Because my hubby’s name starts with a T, and you know mine…yup, we’re T&A, too. And no, no one else finds that funny, either 🙂

    Yikes- that doesn’t look like any kind of fun.

  3. “Pili’s camera cable was eaten by a puppy in India.”

    I’ll bet that is the only time that sentence has ever been uttered/written!

  4. Are things melting there yet? Thank goodness we escaped with only a few inches of snow and ice. I did have to skate across the backyard to toss out the trash, but that’s nothing compared to what you guys are going through.

  5. Never heard of a roof rake, (though now I know what one is) and what are weggies? When are you going to Guat? And how did the dog in India eat the camera cable? So many questions.


  6. Ok, ok, point taken. But T still tries to tell me that she is the butch one (and when she does, ask her which one of us has been pouring concrete slabs this week).

    We miss you guys so much!!!


  7. Keep dreaming, my “fem” friend! 😉 The only thing not fem are those elbows of yours!! WE MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Art-sweet

    What’s Pili doing in India? You guys are leaving in a few weeks, right?

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