Strange Things

March 26, 2007 at 10:56 pm | Posted in Meows | 12 Comments

Someone found this blog searching for “can a cat be reincarnated as a child.”

I hope so, because Sambar would make an awesome kid.

Thank you so much for all your love and support. Yesterday was so awful – coming home and finding her, then discovering that mice had been hard at work in the drawers of the linen cabinet when I went looking for an old blanket to wrap her in…  Your thoughts and kind words made it better.

Today I was driving to the vet with her body to have it cremated when I noticed that ahead of me there was a beautiful rainbow. I’m not sure what I believe about life beyond, but this certainly seemed like some kind of message from Sambar – that she is in a better place, filled with catnip and cream and rice and tilapia (strange cat, our Sambar).


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  1. Aw. I just heard. I send you lots of love.

  2. I am so sorry about your loss and thankful that you found a comforting moment in the rainbow. She is in a wonderful place I am sure, but not better, nothing could be better than with those who love us. Sending huge hugs and wishing you and Pili much peace.

  3. moments of happiness when you don’t expect there to be any shining seconds are amazing.

    I’m so sorry for loss.

  4. One of the random reasons I *try* to believe in heaven is in the hopes that some day I will get to see all of my dear pet friends.
    Thinking of you.

  5. I am, as you know, far from touchy-feely about anything, including death. And Wes is even further away from it. BUT… the only spiritual thing we both believe is that it is frequently true that cats die when a baby is to be born. This story will be repeated on my blog in August, if all goes well, when I reveal my kid’s name (I am already giving something away there – just think crazy cat lady and you might be on the right track). But anyway, yes – one of my mother’s cats died when she was pregnant with me. Wes’ cat died when he was pregnant (hee) with GMB. My best friend’s cats both died when she was pregnant (and so was I) and one of those cats had once belonged to my mother so I count that as “my” cat, for my baby.

    So yes. Cats are reinarnated as kids. Your kid is on his way and will be filled with a warm, furry spirit. It is a lovely thing.

  6. Oh, hon, my heart broke when I read your beautiful tribute to poor Sambar. I am so hugely sorry. Losing a pet is an awful, horrible pain.

  7. I am so, so sorry for your loss. And yes, I think that search was some sort of message. Hugs.

  8. Just saw this about Sambar. I am so sorry.

  9. We have a cat that loves green beans (cooked only), celery, baked butternut squash, and most of all, cantaloupe.

    Best wishes to you and Pili as you honor your friend.

  10. Losing my cat Ben was one of the saddest things I’ve endured. He loved raw shrimp and the liquid from the can of black beans. We called him “Benny Bean Juice.”

    So sorry about Sambar. A rainbow is always an amazing sight, and a good omen.


  11. One of our late cats loved spaghetti with meat sauce and corn on the cob. He looked remarkably like Sambar.

  12. hate to ask…but have no way of knowing…did the box I sent arrive?

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