Techie, I am not. Also patient, not.

March 31, 2007 at 12:11 am | Posted in AdoptThis! | 11 Comments

So I was very proud that I managed to figure out how to hook the camcorder up to the tv and bore our friend to tears show our very polite friend some video footage of El Bambino. Believe it or not, although we have gone blind staring at the tiny camcorder screen in the weeks since we returned from Guatemala, we have not figured out the large screen viewing option until now.

Next I need to figure out how to edit out all the incredibly insipid things I say while the camera is rolling. Ooooh, is that a footsie? Whose footsie is thatsie? Are those toesies? Whose toesies are thosies? Then and only then I might consider posting some of the video. Especially the one in which he discovers my tubing and how much fun it is to play with expensive medical equipment.

But hot damn in a frying pan, do I miss him. Watching him squeak and squeal and shake his little maraca… I just want to scoop him up and smooch him. I wish traveling to Guatemala from here didn’t involve a full day of travel in each direction – it seems too hard on him and on us to go just for a couple of days, and arranging longer blocks of time off is hard for me right now. But I wonder what he’s doing – has he made any progress on the rolling over thing he was working so hard on when we were there? Does he still dislike bananas? And what the hell kind of baby dislikes bananas, anyway? He will be five months old on Sunday 😦

Any sign of forward momentum at this point would be much appreciated, but GAL is not obliging.

Earlier this week, she informed me that the paperwork has been “rectified.” I asked if this means that we’re in PGN. She’s not sure, but she’ll ask the attorney. Today I got a copy of the DNA results with the correct name on them. I ask her what I should do with them and does she have any update on PGN status.

Oh, we don’t usually hear anything from PGN for six to twelve weeks.

Does that mean that you have in fact confirmed that we are indeed in PGN?

No, just assuming that you’ve been submitted since the attorney said the paperwork has been corrected.



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  1. Actually & I can not swear to this since I do not have any-Your agency/facilitator can get a copy of the receipt that PGN gives to the attorney. They should get one every time you go in and get a previo, etc. But as I said above-my agency has never given me one and I have been in and out many times. (by the way, I have asked for copies numerous times)-I think that day long travel there and back allows for our agencies to be a little lax.

  2. It is amazing how a part of you this child becomes:just looking at their pictures and visiting their world for short little windows of time……

  3. This must be the hardest part of the process for both of you.

    I do hope that it passes quickly, both in calendar time and in your minds.

    And I hope and pray that you get an official update REALLY SOON.

  4. This is so nervewracking. I hope you are in PGN and the ball is rolling. C’mon ball. Roll!

  5. all this waiting must gut you. ugh.
    & just so you know, your kid DOES have cute toes, so I doubt anyone would remark on you commenting on said toes in any video you would share…just saying 😉

  6. Oh, hon….just hearing your story makes me wonder how in hellion crap you’re holding it together. I’m just in complete amazement at how freaking horrible this whole process is. *big hugs for keeping on keeping on!*

  7. Oh let me TELL you how much I adore the oh-so-ambiguous answers our agencies give us. It’s just lovely! Here’s hoping you’re in PGN and you’ll have smooth sailing-one previo only. I’ve learned that NO ONE gets out without at least one, so I’ll wish you the minimum 🙂

  8. Oh I am so sorry I have been gone a few days and missed that your kitty died 😦 And you had to leave your baby…too much in one week if you ask me.

    Again I am soooooo sorry about the kitty.

    Thinking of you both.

  9. UGH, don’t you love all the straight answers that come along with this process?!

  10. I cannot begin to imagine how it must feel to have held him, and to now have to wait. I would have gone to India during our 20 month wait if it were not for the chronic money shortage, and then I could commiserate more. I do remember the pining, especially for #1, and you do have my symapthy and prayers.

    And I for one want to hear the mommy coos. Those are what make him yours, and you his.

  11. My son hates bananas too. Isn’t it strange?

    And my heart aches for you. I want your bambino to be home.

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