Photo Someday: My Spring

April 9, 2007 at 5:25 pm | Posted in Home, Sweet Home?, Photo Friday | 11 Comments

… Or, why you don’t want to move to Upstate NY.

I kept holding out, hoping I’d be able to come up with some nice Spring photos. But Sunday found me outside, in my winter coat, vacuuming out the mouse droppings from the frame of our old garden lattice, which was peeling and disgusting. In the snow.

... in the snow

... in april

This seems to be a trend for me.

On the irony front: After I took all of your wise counsel and accepted that Pili ought to stay on with the Boy, she took a good hard look at her schedule… and decided that she ought to come back with me.


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  1. Crap. I hope you have good news very soon. I keep checking the side of your blog to see if the “Enter PGN” has been crossed through yet. Hang in there, girl.

  2. We’ve got snow too up here. And it’s still falling a little bit–Lots of swirling snow this morning. That’s Ontario. And part of why we’re trying to figure out how quickly we can get out of here.

  3. chin up, we awoke to snow in Virginia the other day 😉

    Spring will be here soon!!!

  4. Spring will come, eventually.

    The funny thing is, for clearly no reason that your words would ever have encouraged, I have been imagining you and Pili living in California. So with these picture I am rearranging my (no doubt still flawed) imaginary pictures of you two. How weird is that?

  5. It is still pretty icky cold here in Minnesota too. 20 degrees this morning, and was in the teens last week. Not my idea of April. I went to university in upstate new york at clarkson, I never realized you all were in upstate!

  6. perfect. you got to do the right thing AND you don’t have to come home alone! 😉

  7. What Cat said. You got a get out of guilt free card!

  8. Avoid WI too – spring has yet to hit most of the U.S., I suspect.

  9. I feel your pain. I am SO SICK OF SNOW!

  10. can you fed ex some of that snow to me in FLA??


  11. I have relatives in Adams and Watertown, NY. Without being too specific, are y’all anywhere near there?

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