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April 13, 2007 at 1:04 pm | Posted in I really couldn't come up with a category for this | 15 Comments

I really think I need this:

Lis Frame

“Express yourself on the road! This sleek license plate frame has a built-in scrolling message display. Simply enter up to five personalized messages (up to 120 characters each), then use the wireless remote to select one as you drive. Super-bright LEDs ensure your message is seen day or night.”

The possibilities… are… enticing…

(The closer you get… the slowwwwwer I drive)

Unfortunately, Pili thinks the possibilities would most likely get me run off the road.

(What are you over-compensating for with that Hummer?)

She’s probably right, but I still fantasize about it as I’m driving home and trying to escape the soothing clutches of John Tesh.


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  1. Oh my. I love it!!

  2. Oh! I totally want one.
    “The left lane’s wide open, but you choose to pass on the right. Why? Oh! Because it’s ILLEGAL!”

    “Back off, I’m a scientist.”

    “It’s a speed LIMIT, not a speed MINIMUM.”

    “I’ll break the law when i’m good and ready.”

    You’d think I’m all law-abiding and shit, but I’m not. I usually speed. I just hate people who get up my butt because I’m not speeding *more*. and then give me The Look as they pass me on the right.

  3. what the heck are you doing with John Tesh in your car???

  4. I have ALWAYS said I wanted an LED sign on my windshield that scrolled my message backwards so people could read it in their mirrors. This idea is even better! Although I might become the victim of road rage if I could say what I was thinking to drivers around me.

  5. Mine would say “Everyone who drives a Mustang is a jerk.”

  6. OMG – you’ve found the very item that could provide me with lasting driving happiness. Although to be honest I need it less since we bought the huge 4WD of LM’s dreams. Driving the little Suzuki or the Kombi people were always refusing to let me change lanes or cutting me off. Now that I could quite easily monster truck over the top of them they’re magically polite!

  7. Oh, my.
    This is right up there in disturbing with those LCD message belts I’ve been ordering the children to remove…

  8. Oh no way should you get that! Dangerous!!! Hmmm… it makes me think about…how is it do you like your coffee?

  9. “Does it really take a car that big to make up for a penis that small?” would probably be my saying of choice, or the other favorite thing to yell at obnoxious male drivers “sorry about your penis.”

  10. I would get in SO much trouble with that thing. 🙂

  11. I want one. NOW.

  12. Niiiiice. I still like my idea of being able to call license plate numbers, but for now, your LCD plate will have to do.

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this. May have to have one!

  14. “If you have to be this close to me, you have to buy me dinner.”

    I could have way too much fun with that thing


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