Passing the Word

April 17, 2007 at 6:06 pm | Posted in Blogging about Blogging | 58 Comments

I may do a few password protected posts in the near future… adoption related stuff (nothing to worry about, just wanting to whine and feeling the need to do it a little more privately).  If you’d like the password, email me at artsweets AT gmail DOT com or leave a comment on this post that includes your email address (it will only be visible to my eyes).  If you haven’t commented before, or I don’t know you in real life, please tell me a little bit about yourself so that I feel comfortable spilling my guts to you!


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  1. want the password please! familyo at earthlink dot net; or my real one, whatever.

  2. sure, count me in.

  3. I’d love to hear what you have to say about adoption. 🙂

  4. please send me a password – I need to keep up!

  5. Would like a password please to keep up – wish you luck, send you love… etc.

  6. me too!

  7. Oh you KNOW I want to be part of that. 🙂

  8. me too!

  9. Me too! Me too!

  10. Please count me in.

  11. *clears throat* Me, please!

  12. me twelve me twelve!

  13. I’d love to keep up. 🙂 Me, too, please!

  14. Password please. Pretty Please? With a month’s supply of testing strips on top?

  15. I’d like the password to keep up with things too, please!

  16. I will feel SOOO left out if I don’t have that password.

  17. Absolutely I want the password. Remember me? I’m the one that uses Spanglish! LOL….. Thanks a bunch! Cameo

  18. Count me in, please!

  19. I won’t ask for a password but I wanted to let you know I’ve been lurking and loving the blog. 🙂

  20. 20 is a nice round number, don’t you think?
    Would love to hear YOUR gripes…maybe I’ve missed a few topics that I can take on as my own!
    I’ve hit a brick wall with my own process lately so maybe it will help me (and possibly you) if I hear someone else’s gripes.
    You already know a little about me…the one who is adopting “Face” (It was my great grandmother’s name!)

  21. Pls send me the password too!

  22. I’d like the password too please!

  23. been following it thus far, please send me the password too!

  24. me too! me too!

  25. I’d love to continue keeping up… me twenty-five!

  26. Oh, I meant to tell you something about myself… silly me, finals are looming and I can’t remember anything already.
    I’m a graduate student in sociology at a Big Ten school in Indiana. I’m a recent pumper, just got married in May of last year. Originally from west Michigan area. I love tie-dye, ice cream, and rollerblading as well as science fiction/fantasy and used-book shopping…
    I’m on flickr and have a few diabetes visible images – my photos are under the website link (I don’t have a real website, but maybe someday when I have time).

  27. I love whine! I’ve been following your story since before you got your referral, but I don’t know if I’ve ever commented before. Anything about myself is on my blog, I don’t like to provide the link too much because it’s one of those dreaded nightmare stories, but you’re welcome to read it if you haven’t (but I think you have). I sincerely wish you and Pili the best of everything as you try to bring baby boy home!

  28. Please send me the password(s).

  29. I think you’ve got my e-mail address already, and I would love the password!

  30. count me in. featureswriter “at” sbcglobal “dot” net

  31. I would love the password.

  32. I’d love a password to keep up with you!

  33. Me me me! Me! Pick me! Pick me! ::waving frantically::

    Yup, I’m just like the kids that drive me crazy!

  34. Hey there—I’d love to keep up with you girls and this (really long-ass but ultimately rewarding) journey. Send along the password, please!

  35. sorry to hear there’s more to gripe about. Count me in.

  36. Me Me Me….Pick me! Password Please. I love a good gripe about adoption!

  37. I have been so self-involved, I’m missing some big stuff! I’d love the password, and I have to say CONGRATS on new job in bigger city down the road (did I get it right?). Isn’t it crazy how everything happens at once?


  38. me!! Pick me!! LOL

    I just got over about a week of griping on adoption over at my place. Gotta love those adoption squabbles…


  39. HELP Artsweet – I never got the password sent to my email at per dot engelbrecht at skynet dot be !!!!

  40. HELP Artsweet – I never got your password!!!!!

  41. Hi, I’d love to get the password too.

  42. Hi,
    Please count me in!

  43. Me, please!

  44. I’d like a password, please! I’ve been reading you for a while but I don’t comment ’cause I’m generally not good at commenting on people’s blogs. I find it very difficult to know what to say. I’m seventeen (will be eighteen in July), I live in Scotland, I’m bi but much closer to being gay than to being straight, and I have an interest in adopting one day. I can’t remember *quite* how I found your blog, but I’d guess it was either through a list of links on ‘From 0 to 5’, ‘Peter’s Cross Station’ or ‘Baggage that Goes With Mine’. My dad died when I was thirteen (four years ago next Tuesday) and I live in a house with my mum, her partner, my little sister and our two cats. Anyway – I’ve been reading for a while and I’d like to keep reading. I like how honest you are. So many people in the blogosphere sugar-coat (no pun intended…)

    My blog is here: I you suddenly are overcome with the burning desire to find out more about me then you can read my ‘bio’ section.

  45. I’d like a password, too. I’ve commented before, but only once, I think. I’m a French professor in the Midwest, my husband works in diabetes research, and we have an amazing daughter from China. If that’s enough, password me!

  46. I would love to follow along, and have been reading since I “discovered” you via comments on OmegaMom and PCOSBaby. I write at Sopapilla, which is in a bit of a makeover at the moment.

    We adopted our daughter from China in November, 2005.

  47. Don’t forget about me!

  48. Late to the request game, but still want to know what’s up–congrats on the job offer (am slowly catching up between feedings here).

  49. I see a password protected test entry when I view your blog in bloglines, but I can’t seem to access it or see it here?!

  50. I love reading your posts. Please send me a password. You gave me one for the last protected post, but of course I forgot it already. I have too many passwords, account numbers, codes and so on dancing in my head like evil sugarplums.

  51. Would love to be included if you’ll have me. 🙂

  52. sorry i’m late to the party. May I have the password too?

  53. I’ve commented before so I think you sort of know me. I am more of a lurker, though. I have been following your adoption with eager anticipation of you brining your little boy home.

  54. Me too, please!!!

  55. Running a little late, but please pass the **password** along to me!

    thanks mucho! 🙂

  56. May I please have the password? I also adopted a little boy from Guatemala (home in July 2005). My blog is (Boy Makes Three)

    Thank you!

  57. Hey, I missed this post when it was new. I’m up for classified whining and what-not.

  58. Me please! I know I’m late on getting on this. 🙂

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