Help, there’s a crib in my living room!

April 23, 2007 at 1:01 pm | Posted in Home, Sweet Home? | 22 Comments

My superstitious I-don’t-want-to-jinx-it nature is over-ruled only by the sheer joy I take in getting a really really good bargin.  So when I saw a really pretty crib at the second-hand babystuff store near work – which came with a bumper with orange kitties on it – for $25 – I decided that g-d would not put such bargins in my path if s/he/it wanted to strike me down for my chutzpah.  Or something like that. 

Before you get all, um, art, used crib, um, safety on me, they only sell stuff that meets current safety standards.  So there’s a crib in my living room.  Unfortunately, I have no clue how to assemble it.  And while it came with an adorable bumper – it did not come with instructions. 


I got this far.


I know that the bottom part there is a foot bar that you use to raise and lower the movable side.  I know that the brackets on the springy piece fit into the white brackets somehow and the crib mattress will go on top of the springs.  I suspect that the little metal things that come out of the moveable side engage with the foot rail somehow. It came with a bunch of hardware, including 4 springs. I have no clue how it all fits together. Because it was on consignment, I have to return it by Thursday if I don’t want to keep it.

spring bracket Bracket on the bedspring
white bracket White bracket that I think bedspring backet goes into
foot bar Metal foot bar to raise and lower side
crib4 Movable side with metal thingies at bottom that I think engage somewhow with metal bar

Both Pili and I somehow managed to avoid the lesbian DIY gene, although I can put together an ikea product with a minimum of cursing. If it weren’t for that, I think I’d be out of the lesbian-stereotype-club altogether, as my firm motto when it comes to sports involving flying objects coming at my head is stop, drop, and roll. On the other hand, we do drive a subaru.

If you think you can talk me through this, or you have instructions for a similar crib you could fax or scan for me (the brand is Nod-a-Way), please, please… let me know. There will be some sort of Guatemalan goodie in it for the helper… along with my undying gratitude.

In other news: I think we’ve found a house in MUCDTR.  My desire not to spend every weekend shlepping back and forth is at war with my essential indecision factor.  I don’t love this house the way I loved our house here and our condo in Flat City.  But it’s down the street from the library, on a block with lots of kids and liberal looking families (although not so great as far as ethnic diversity), it has a huge back yard with a sandbox and a small guest house for our friends who are allergic to cats, and I think I could learn to love it.  The owners are friends of a friend, and they are happy to split the difference not selling through a realtor with us.  This is really happening. This is really happening. Holy Crap.

On the plus side – it’s finally, finally spring.  And these are from my garden. 



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  1. Ok, so I don’t have directions, but you could contact Cosco, and see if they can walk you thru it.

  2. Congrats on your major score!

    Have you tried the Cosco website? (They make the Nod-a-Way)

    It looks like they’ll send you the instruction sheet if you give them the model number

  3. You might try this website if the crib still has the manufacturing sticker on it with the info they want:

  4. I’ll help with the bumper pad installation!
    Thanks for the laugh this morning though – and I think that crib is terrific!

  5. Maybe Cheryl can help you with it. I’ll ask her. She put ours together (yes, the one we never used). BTW – Which consignment shop did you use? Let me know offline because if it’s the one that I went to last, I had issues with them! E-mail me and I will let you know if Cheryl can stop by and help you OK?

  6. wow! Nice find.
    no photo of the bumper with orange kitties????

    I’ll yield to everyone else as far as assembly.

    As for the possible house- wow! It sounds pretty fab.

  7. What Blondie, Mimi, & Mouse said.

  8. Sorry, I’m directionally challenged, but did you try Dr. Google? It’s amazing the shit…um, information…you can find on the internets. 😉

    It’s a very cute crib and looks very similar to the one we have for The Bug, but alas, my only contribution to that venture was helping to bring it in from the car.

  9. OMG, you cracked me up and that is no easy feat these days!!!! Thank you for that, it was something I really needed! Good luck and I too want pictures of the bumpers!!!!

  10. Let me start by saying that I’m a geek and I love to put things together. So I’ve been staring at the pictures and itching to do it for you. Here’s my assessment of the situation…

    OK, the bedspring definitely screws into that white bracket. It has so many holes so that you can move it to different heights as your kid learns to stand up, climb, etc. Screw the metal bars on the moveable side into the holes at the top of that side. Ugh, then comes the part I could do in person, but can’t quite figure out from the pictures. The springs have something to do with that side, but I don’t entirely understand that release thing, so am having trouble with where. I think the springs go at the bottom of the metal bars and the release bar screws in at the bottom of that side and somehow engages with those weird metal bits. Hopefully once the bedspring is in and the final side is partially attached it will be somewhat intuitive. If not, send me more pictures. 🙂 Or, you know, contact the manufacturer like all those other (smarter) people said.

  11. I have found that many manufacturers are happy to send you directions for things you buy second hand (something we do all the time around here).

  12. the house sounds great, but i can’t help but wonder just what a liberal family looks like… would be nice to be able to pick them out of a crowd!

  13. “the lesbian DYI gene”… ok, that made me laugh out loud!

  14. i have the same crib,and would like to,if you still have the instructions to send them to i would really appreciate it

  15. I just got the same crib from my Mom (taken apart of course). If you ever got instructions on how the mattress and brackets fit, I would love to have them or some guidance. Please send to

  16. Did u ever get the intructions. We are lost with the sliding rail and the brown handle and what to do wilth the springs

    • yay, i completed it in like 8 hours via trial and error!

  17. I have same crib too, with no instructions…help! please email link for the instructions. is the brand nod a away? i have 2 long metal bars too with hook at end, please email thanks!

  18. yay, after searching youtube and various websites with various models, Praise God! I put the crib all together! yay! took like 8 hours or trying and retrying… all done! you need two sliding bars, at least i had those and the 4 springs are shock absorbers, the metal thingy is faced inward which rests on the foot lever…

  19. did any of you find the instructions? i am in desperate need! I have twins and got this crib given to me but I can’t figure out how to put it together for the life of me!! Can you send me a link or something?!

    • i can try to walk you thru it if have pictures of your parts…

  20. I doubt anyone is still watching this blog, but if someone has the instructions please forward them to me at I managed to get it put together, but I’m missing the brackets that attach the mattress springs to the crib. If anyone can get me the instructions or the part number I’d be eternally grateful.

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