Why yes, I would like some salt in my wounds please

April 27, 2007 at 1:45 pm | Posted in First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF? | 29 Comments

I’ve stopped counting how many online friends, real-life friends, and family members have successfully reproduced or adopted since we started down this path nigh on three and a half YEARS ago. Dozens. Probably close to fifty. Most of the time I’m fine with it. Occasionally something stings. And then there are the third degree burns.

Today Pili & I both got cards in the mail from our fertility clinic, where the four remaining embryos-of- certain-arguments-and-tears rest in their chilly freezer. The outside of the card features an adorable picture of a child in a lion-suit and invites us to “Party with the Animals!” On the inside: “Insensitive Tactless Fertility Inc. Invites You to Celebrate Ten Years With Us at the Zoo! Barbecue… Clowns… Magicians… Face Painting… FUN!”

Don’t you think they could’ve screened the mailing list to leave out us failures? Would that have been so fucking hard?


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  1. Good grief! That is truly terrible and totally tactless (sorry for the alliteration). Clods.

  2. fuckers.

  3. that is pretty fucking obnoxious. what were they *thinking*?!

  4. If I were a lion, I would eat every last one of them. Bastards.

  5. Are. you. kidding. me? Good grief.

  6. That’s just crap and inexcusable. And unnecessarily painful, no doubt. Sorry you had to see that.

  7. I am sick with anger. I am so sorry A-S and tell Pili I am sorry too. What A-holes.

  8. That just sucks!!!! How tactless and reprehensible! I’m so sorry.

  9. I hope you have a shredder.

  10. That’s just inexcusable. What were they thinking?

  11. Oh, my God. It is hard to imagine our clinic ever doing such a thing, but if they did, I truly hope they would, as you suggest, only invite people for whom their services were useful. Really, that’s virtually criminal.

  12. Wow. Wow. Man, that’s worse than getting vaccine reminders for the cat that’s been dead for two years. Wow.
    What assholes.

  13. Are you freaking kidding me? That is unbelievably insensitive! Reminds me of the time that my old clinic had a baby shower for one of the nurses…in the waiting room…

  14. Art, I am so very sorry. Sending you and Pili big hugs. I wish I could do something to help your pain. Your family has our most healing positive thoughts and prayers.

  15. God, I don’t even know what to say. That’s just horrible.

  16. That is so shitty (if you don’t mind me saying that).

  17. Art, honey, give me their number, I’ll call them and give them the suggestion…

  18. I’m with shelli – CONFERENCE CALL!

  19. Indeed–would you write them a letter telling them just how thoughtless their invitation is?

  20. A-s and Pili

    That just stinks. I’m really sorry it happened. And I imagine you won’t ever want to deal with these folks again. But you probably ought to let them know.

  21. omg that is bloody disgusting.i’m so sorry.

  22. That takes the Asshole of the Year Award. Sorry you had to receive that in the mail. I assume it’s filed away nicely at the bottom of the trash?

  23. That is so horrible! They should definitely screen those! How insensitive can you get?

  24. Oh hun, that’s awful. Sometimes it seems as if the world is just constantly throwing out reminders of our unfulfilled needs and wants. Be strong and give them a call or a letter. They need to get their act together and respect all fo their clients, those with babies and those who are still struggling to become parents one way or another.

  25. OUCH!
    Are you going to clue them in?

  26. Oh man, how awful and tactless!

  27. What a strange bad idea that was… Yuck.
    I remember the ONE week where four of my closest friends each told me they were pregnant. Somewhere, deep deep deep down I was happy for them…but (much closer to the surface), I wanted to punch each of them in the head.

    Soon. I know it doesn’t feel soon…but it’s soon.

  28. Oh AS, that is insensitive. *hugs* to you and Pili.

  29. Say WHAT?! A fucking fertility clinic did that? That is horrible. I’m really sorry.

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