I want some of what he’s smoking

April 29, 2007 at 10:41 pm | Posted in First Comes Love - Then Comes... GonalF? | 30 Comments

I sent the letter in the last post via email to Dr. Short But Sweet.  I can’t resist posting his response, although I am on a deadline for the afore mentioned “friends” project and am posting quickly-and-may-delete-laterly, as I devoutly hope he does not stumble upon this blog.  Obviously I have removed real names.

Dear ArtSweet (& Pili)

You are among the lucky ones in life and we are about celebrating life

I felt it important to invite all to our celebration and not leave anyone out. I am sorry if it was considered a slight on a sensitive issue, I certainly did not mean to be insensitive. I have wrestled with this issue for some time and believe that we are all part of the same universal energy and there are many ways to find success. By including all, I believe this is the best way we are going to expand the positive energy of life and the universe.

Please accept my apologies.


Dr. Short But Sweet

I cannot believe I let this man stick sharp needles up my hoohah yoni.


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  1. HAHAHAHA. Wow. Is that a fucking joke? Are you serious??? I feel like you must have embellished that. I know you did not, because no one could have made that shit up. How could him inviting you to a fucking zoo event, “expand the positive energy of life” or the friggin “universe”?? That gentleman, as a doctor, obviously has pharmacy privileges. The yoni bit cracked my shit up. Damn that was funny.

  2. He has to be fucking kidding!! Does he see himself as some kind of spiritual guru? He must be spectacularly unaware of the emotions rushing around his consulting room.

  3. One of these days someone is going to “expand” their “positive energy” into the universe of his nads.

  4. I am glad I caught this before you’re tempted to take it down. That is unreal.

    I can see Dr. Energy-Nonsense wrestling with whether or not to invite all former patients, or just the success stories. But when he chose what kind of event it was going to be… family-oriented zoo event with child-centered activities… um, he necessarily excluded many former patients, floofy philosophy of the universe notwithstanding.

  5. Ditto … give me some of what he’s smoking! What a f#c&!ng crackpot.

  6. “Positive energy of life and the universe” my ass.

    I’m glad you sent your email and sorry it was met by this total lack of understanding.

  7. Good grief, I think I shared with you that a friend of mine used the same dopey RE… this is the dude who told my friend she wasn’t pg because she was not “spiritual” enough. She is a Presbyterian minister. Creep.

  8. Gag. Someone has been blowing too much sunshine up his medical ass.

  9. Whoa, has he got a great opinion of himself or what!

    Personally, I suspect any of the diabetes bloggers are doing more to expand the positive energy of life and the universe than this guy.


    Did he happen to mention that he was abducted by aliens at some stage? Maybe he’s got connections in Alpha Centauri?

  10. Oh, dear god…


    “I have wrestled with this issue for some time and believe that we are all part of the same universal energy and there are many ways to find success.”

    Take it from someone who worked for many years in direct mail – where mistakes sometimes happen… This reads: “I know what I did was insensitive as all hell – but I figure if I sound like a fruity-tuity earth mother on a mission, you might not eat my face with a bottle of chianti.”

    What a cad. Yuck.

  11. That’s just what you needed, more condescension and bullshit fantasies. May he come back in the next life as an infertile. Or how about this….a single mother with ten kids.

  12. Wow. Amazing.
    I don’t even know what to say to that.

    How does making people feel like crap expand positive energy???

  13. what a weirdo!
    & pretty selfish as well. It isn’t about HIM and his need to create a balanced universe (snort), but about acknowledging the insensitivity of his invitation.
    what a wanker.

  14. you know, I always thought that RE’s had some sort of G-d complex, and this just SOOOO proves it.


  15. Seriously….what kind of crap response is that? Come back to earth big guy.

  16. Universal energy? Is he kidding?

  17. Dear Dr. ShortbutNuts,

    My negative energy can kick your positive energy’s ass.



  18. Totally unbelieveable! (although the wit of many of the comments is quite entertaining in the aftermath)

  19. I’m soooo glad I read this before you took it down!!! That is up there with our pastor telling us IN OUR OWN HOME that we should be thanking God that my sister had cancer and only had a 5% chance of living longer than a year. They must be the same guy!!!!!!

  20. I can’t even say anything that would compare to the posts here. I’m angry and peeing my pants with laughter at the same time

  21. Oh my god. I can’t believe he’s so arrogant that he feels entitled to tell you that “You are among the lucky ones in life”.

  22. Gag!

  23. No he dit-nt!
    That is the crazinest shit ever. Dude.
    I’m sorry for his insensitivity, but man, that response is priceless.

  24. Really, it is hard to say anything. And so many have responded so eloquently.

    But I have new appreciation for Dr. Quick of the few words. “Sperm is going in.” Yes. That is all.

  25. WTF?!! Where is this guy from? I don’t trust physicians who speak about positive energy. Not at all.

  26. Excuse me while I pick up my jaw from the floor!

  27. Holy shit, he sounds like a cohort of Timothy Leary. What a weirdo!

  28. Ha! Ha ha ha!

    Thanks for that.

    Holy crap.

  29. Y’know, not to go putting my head in the lion’s mouth, but… am I totally out of line in thinking that maybe everyone is taking this the wrong way? So the guy believes in universal energy, and his spirituality centers around that to some degree. Yours doesn’t? Mine sure does.

    And you ARE among the lucky ones. Everyone reading this is, let’s be honest. But you even more so: You’re about to start a great new job. You have a wonderful, loving wife, who supports you so much that she’s willing to make a major life upheaval in order to accomodate the geographical demands of your great new job. You’re about to sell the second piece of property you’ve owned and move into your third. And you’re a short time away (g-d willing) from bringing home your first son.

    Yes, I too have a great job. None of those other things, however, are true for me, though you know I want them to be. Was this guy a bit insensitive to the unfortunate fact that his treatment didn’t work for you (entirely not his fault, btw)? Yes. Yes he was. But seriously—how much more has to go right in your life before you’re happy with what you’ve got?

    Honestly? And I say this with all the love that you know I hold in my heart for you: Quit your bitchin’.

    Con todo el cariño, como siempre.

  30. […] **Artsweet and Pili have gone to the same magical RE who was, uh, (how to say this delicately) less than magical for them. So, in honor of their experience, I will now refer to him by Artsweet’s name (even though I have yet to meet him), Dr. Short But Sweet (Dr. SBS). […]

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