Nothing like a present to cheer you up

May 22, 2007 at 12:36 pm | Posted in Linky Love | 12 Comments

I have to take time away from my pityparty to thank some wonderful friends who have made me smile lately… first of all, all of your comments, which made me feel not so small and beaten down by the world. And second, some gifts which arrived in my mailbox recently and totally made my day.

My fabulouso friend Mel sent GB these hand-me-down sweaters, this sweet little lovie doll, and these fantastic rainbow leg warmer things. I’m not sure she wants the whole world peeking in on her family blog, so I won’t link to it, but she has a super cute boy who is a few months older than GB.



I got to meet up with the marvelous Menita recently, and she surprised me with the world’s softest teddybear. Oh yeah, this boy is going to be deprived.


Finally, I got two really cool books from my Secret Blog Pal. One for me – which I DEVOURED in a single night of lost sleep – and one of my absolute favorite kid books for GB. Ferdinand is such a great story showing that boys can be gentle too.


Thanks friends. You rock.

p.s. Re, pityparty: I think I just need to step away from the computer. I’m home sick with a massive snotty head cold, and frantically refreshing my email every five minutes to see if: 1) we have gotten our may photos – everyone else from our agency has! 2) my director has written back to the email letting him know that if he wants me to, I would be happy to stay on for at least another month at my current job (this one is giving me a serious case of the oh holy craps) and 3) the real estate lawyer has passed on the name of a property management company for me to contact in case we decide to rent out the cute little house in MUCDTR instead of losing the $ and screwing over our sellers by pulling out…


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  1. Book nerd comment: that is not the cover I remember for Ferdinand.

    Which is a great, great book!!!

  2. I Loooooooove Ferdinand!
    those are some cute gifts.

  3. yayayay for Ferdinand!

    And those gifts are great!

  4. The sweaters are DARLING!

  5. Love the Ferdinand book for Guatebaby.

    Love the Dan Savage book for his mom. That man is brilliant!

    Glad you are feeling better.

  6. I have a different edition of Ferdinand. I loved that book – I’ll have to start reading it to Boo. We went to Spain when I was five and there are these huge bull billboards (for Osborne Sherry) and I was convinced that they were advertising Ferdinand. It was the coolest. thing. ever. Well, that and the guy who sliced a (cooked) suckling pig with a broken plate.

    So, can I send the present now? I’m kind of afraid to, since I don’t want to jinx you. I’m superstitious that way.

  7. What adorable gifts for the boy! I hope that everything with the job works out, because this is NOT the time that you need to be dealing with job instability. You’ve got enough else to deal with–like the cutest, chubbiest-cheeked boy I’ve possibly EVER seen!

  8. Ferdinand is a fab book, thank you for reminding me about it, I’ll hve to try and find a copy.

    I don’t see why you feel the need to apologise for how you feel about the delays in bringing GB home. It must be beyond frustrating to know him and love him but not be able to parent him. Please don’t ever feel bad about letting your feeligns out here.

    And i hope the job stuff sorts it out. That stress you really don’t need.

  9. Just checking in after time in the trenches — I’m sorry things are stalled with work and PGN. Things will change, they have to — at least that’s what I keep telling myself!

    You have every right to feel blue, angry, what-have-you. It’s good to get it all out, so you can keep on keepin’ on.


  10. Checking in everyday hoping that you’ve got some good news.
    Isn’t “The Kid” a great book? “An American Family” is another fave of mine as well as “Getting Simon”. Hmmm, all about gay dads. Maybe you and Pili should write you story once the boy gets home? 🙂
    Send you lots of “good news soon” vibes!

  11. Cute gifts!

    I’ve been reading off & on but bad about commenting. I keep hoping next time I check GB will be home…

    and now, back to lurking and trying to write some meaningful chunks of dissertation.

  12. I LOVE The Kid. I read it when we first began talking about adoption several years ago and I re-read it a few times while we were waiting for Hester. That book represents hope to me.

    I am hopeful that your son will come home soon and that your job/house stuff will work out well.

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