Where I’ve Been

May 30, 2007 at 11:59 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 32 Comments

Staring at/Smooching/Playing with this…



Hey! I've got toes!

(Many more pix on flickr)

I am in serious baby withdrawal. Please, please please PGN. I need my smushypants home.


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  1. Artsweet

    When I saw your blog on Bloglines, I was hoping it was the news you’d been waiting for.

    Those are wonderful photos. I do hope the PGN wait isn’t much longer. This is the worst time, waiting without knowing how much longer it will be. I’ve been there, and it’s just awful.

    Just make sure that both of you have some time to do something else ‘normal’, we put our summer vacation plans on hold and it actually made the waiting worse. I hope you can find some distractions.

  2. Oh boy. He is such a little love. I’m aching for you. Hang in there, girl.

  3. Oh good God woman– that is one beautiful boy!

  4. Great pictures. Praying for end-of-PGN news!

  5. Oh mercy. He is getting bigger by the day. What a happy fellow.

  6. You were on a secret surprise visit trip? Wonderful!
    He is sweet as ever – bet you had a great time

  7. He is so damn precious – I pray that he comes home to you two SOON.

  8. Was missing you!
    the photos are stunning. I can only imagine how empty your arms feel right now.
    xoxo to you & P.

  9. Whaaaaaaat?! Did I miss something? You got to go see him?

    He’s so damn cute! Seriously adorable!

  10. I always worry when you haven’t posted for a while. I’m really, really, really glad that this time the worry was unfounded. God, he’s beautiful. I hope you don’t have to wait much longer.

  11. Now that your secret trip is out I can say, He Is One Beautiful Baby Boy!! I so enjoyed our brunch. Can’t wait to see you all again when you come for pick up — hopefully VERY SOON! Also, love the pics!

  12. now *that* is what i call a cute kid. wow!

  13. I was wondering where you were! I want so bad to go back, too. He’s beautiful!

  14. It was great to meet you guys! I hope you get good news soon!

  15. SO cute! He’s absolutely gorgeous! And he’s rocking the leg warmers!! Let’s go PGN!!

  16. I was wondering where you’ve been. He’s so beautiful! I hope he is home with you soon!

  17. What an incredibly cute little guy. I can’t wait until you have him with you 24/7. And if *I* can’t wait, it must be a zillion times worse for you, the mamas. Lots of love your way.

  18. Ahhhh! What a cute little guy. I’ve been wondering where you were, too. So glad to see you were doing something so fun! I hope that PGN gets over with FAST!

  19. Those rainbow legs are completely edible.

  20. I’m going to light a candle for the end of PGN. It’s time already for that sweet baboo to be with you.

  21. So glad you got to slip down to see your little bundle. He is freaking adorable! Hoping for news that you are O-U-T soon…

  22. Man, that is one cute baby! So glad you got to spend some time together.

  23. So glad you got to see your boy again! Hoping/praying PGN is DONE ASAP.

  24. He is really gorgeous. Praying he comes home soon!!

  25. I had to look at the pictures again-he’s just gorgeous. I mean, I love my chubby baby, but MAN GB is one cute kid! I’ll say it again-let’s go PGN!!!

  26. God those eyes….*heart melting*

  27. OMFG he is so cute! I’m glad you were off having fun!

  28. He is adorable. you are in our thoughts. We hope the PGN is over soon.

  29. When I saw the photos I thought he was home with you guys already and thought, “How did I miss this?!” I am so sorry to hear that things are still stuck. It must be unbearable.

  30. I hope smushypants gets home to his mama’s soon.

    I can’t believe how long it’s all taking. Hope you are out of PGN soon.

  31. He’s adorable! What a great smile.

  32. Your son is absolutely gorgeous, and I hope that he’ll be home with you soon. I’m thinking of you two!

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