Five wishes for LGBT families day

June 1, 2007 at 4:37 pm | Posted in AdoptThis!, Political Animal, We are Family | 31 Comments

Family DayToday, I am blogging for all the LGBTQ people who want to have families or to have the families they’ve already got legally recognized. I am blogging…

…for those of us who are estranged from our families of origin because of our sexual orientation. May this year open their hearts  and let them see that loving well and being loved well matters most of all.

…for those of us who struggle to find love. May this year bring you the family of your choice.

…for those of us who long for the presence of grubby fingers and dirty diapers in our lives. May the doors of homophobia, infertility and beauracratic indifference* finally swing open and let us in – and SOON.

…for those of us who kiss boo-boos and wipe noses but are legally ignored as parents. May wisdom and common sense prevail over intolerance and hatred.

…for those of us who grow older living in fear of the financial consequences of an unjust system that won’t allow us to enjoy the extensive federal benefits of marriage. Again, may wisdom and common sense finally prevail over intolerance and hatred.

Mama & GB

Today I am blogging for him.

* We learned today that GB’s case was given a previo by the assessor (not sure when) and readmitted to PGN today. What a thoughtful 7-month birthday present from my friends in PGN.


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  1. Amen to the first part and I’m so sorry about the KO. That sucks. I had my first one on the 23rd and got right back in, but I’m worried there will be more. Many more.

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  3. did they tell you WHY?

    Oy, I’m So sorry.


  4. I’m so sorry about your previo.

    I look forward to the day when everyone who is willing and able to love and care for a child can do so.

  5. Great post.

    So sorry to hear about this new delay. Hoping that now you’re back on the road things move smoothly and quickly and your beautiful boy is home with you soon.

  6. Artsweet. I wish people would start being kinder to folks regardless of sexual orientation. Life’s just 2 short to lose a family member (or ignore them) because of how they choose to love someone else.

    And I’m really sorry about the PGN setback. I hope that it’s smooth sailing from here on. I was going to ask about why the previo, but that’s none of my business.

    Happy 7th month birthday Gbaby.

  7. Oh no! I am so sorry to hear about your previo! That wasn’t the news you were waiting for. Glad you are back in but hate to hear about the delay.

  8. Wonderful post! I agree wholeheartedly with everything you said.

    I’m sorry about the Previo, but it’s good that you’re already back in. Here’s to a speedy process!

  9. Oh damn….just keeping families and children apart longer for paperwork…such a damn good reason…blah. Thinking of you both and your little one who rests sadly in anothers arms. You are in my prayers.

  10. Boo on the previo 😦 Hopefully your stay will be SHORT and SWEET.

  11. I hope all of those things happen very, very soon–they’re all LONG overdue. I’m sorry about the delay. That sucks. I wish GuateBaby were home with you already.

  12. Great to see you back! I’m not sure if you read Chew at all, but she was in protracted PGN hell until they hired some sort of facilitator. She could maybe tell you more if you emailed her. Here’s hoping for quick exit, and that you’ll be seeing pink soon!

  13. Beautiful post. Horrible news. I am so sorry that you’ve had this setback. Every time I check in on you it is with the breathless hope of good news. And now, more waiting. How unfair. How f’ing unfair.

  14. Amen to your post! My sympathy on the setback – let’s hope this time things fly through without any hitches. That is a beautiful baby boy you have there, BTW.

  15. Amen!

    And may PGN go quickly…

  16. Lovely, lovely post…except for that previo part. Stay focused on the beauty you’re already putting out into the world AND that guapisimo son!

  17. Hugs and more hugs. And kisses for that sweet baby who will be coming home to you soon, please God.

  18. […] off, Artificially Sweetened offered up five wishes for LGBT Families Day. I’ve got my fingers crossed. In a similar vein, Cait at Addition Problems summed it up quite […]

  19. art

    i am just so so gutted about your second previo

    this road is hard enough

    glad you are back ‘in’

    will be hoping for a fast ‘out’

    am thinking of you and E everyday – please be very gentle on yourselves

  20. What a wonderful post and such a sweet picture.

    I hope things are moving soon.

  21. I hope things will move along for you soon, and that things go the way you want them to. And thank you for this post…many of my best friends are in the LGBT community, and I think most of them would make even better parents than I would. I hope they can get the chance someday if they so choose.

  22. Previos suck… here’s wishing for a quick approval this time around.

    Ditto to the five wishes – what a wonderful world it would be!

    Peace 🙂

  23. you are 100% correct, love is what matters….no questions asked!

  24. I don’t know anything about the process, but it sounds like a setback, I am sorry. He is beautiful and you will have him at some point, hopefully sooner rather than later.

  25. Beautifully written!

  26. Nicely said!

  27. I’m sure that if I were a Brit, I would be doing everything I could to avoid this event, but as an American, since we kicked out this family of parasites, I can just sit back and enjoy the spectacle.

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  30. TmrHGt good one

  31. i am very sorry, there has to be an easier way

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