Operation LifeBoat

June 8, 2007 at 11:24 pm | Posted in Linky Love | 6 Comments

I have been known to whine about our adoption situation. But the truth is, it ain’t that bad. I’ve had the privilege of getting to know both Erin and Cheri in person, and they are both such kind and generous people – as well as great moms. They are both down in Antigua right now – fostering their babies away from their families and homes.

Erin & Azucen@ Cheri & Eliana

They are also stuck in a bureaucratic catch22 that is hard to even begin to explain. Essentially, Erin, Cheri, and their families are caught up in a war of wills between the mayor’s office in Guatemala City, and my dear friends in PGN. They just received news of a major setback that means that they will likely be living in Antigua for at least another SIX months.

The babies are quickly approaching their 1st birthdays and Cheri & Erin have NO IDEA WHEN they will be able to return home with their daughters to America.

Nu… why am I telling you this? I’m so glad you asked…

Can you imagine the financial burden these families are facing? Cheri & Erin are making major sacrifices to be apart from their husbands & families. They have accepted legal responsibility as the foster parents of their daughters and cannot leave. They’re away from their work (and Erin is her family’s primary breadwinner) and are paying rent & utilities & all monthly expenses in Guatemala – which ain’t cheap. Plus, y’know, the mortgage back home.  Yeah, that old thing.

A bunch of fellow adoptive parents have gotten together. Our goal is pretty simple: We’d love to be able to pay their rent & expenses in Guatemala for at least a month or longer. They have never asked for help of any kind, by the way… but we know they are struggling.

We’re calling this Operation LifeBoat because Azucen@ and Eliana are the babies stuck in the same crappy boat… and we’d like to help bail it out.

The fabulous Tricia has put together a raffle to encourage people to donate and help out Erin & Cheri. She has $150 in gift cards to be won. And I’m adding in a $30 TarZhay gift card as well. And… something else is in the works from a friend who works at a very nice children’s clothing store…

Leave an encouraging message for Erin & Cheri here or at Tricia’s and you’ll get one chance at winning a gift card. Click on the button below and donate what you can through paypal and you’ll get SIX CHANCES at winning. You’ll also get a boatload of good karma.

ETA: I can’t seem to get the button to work… go to Tricia’s to donate!


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  1. ArtSweet – Done! – I hope this all works out – I can imagine how difficult it must be. 🙂 Nicole

  2. Thank you for rallying the troops! I know we will help these wonderful women out!!

  3. ArtSweet

    Thanks for bringing this to our attention, that’s a tough situation to be in.

  4. I don’t know why my comment posted with a smiley face – it was meant to be a 😦

  5. I know that you’re really depressed about your own PGN hell, so it’s particularly wonderful that you’re able to help these women out! I hope that good karma comes back in spades. I think that what these women are doing is really amazing–and the bonding they are accomplishing is priceless. I hope they get home much sooner than six months!

  6. Artsweet- we really want to help out (and don’t even need to be entered in the raffle!) I don’t have a paypal account, but would love to send a check. would you email me with an address?

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