Pity Party

June 8, 2007 at 10:14 pm | Posted in AdoptThis! | 5 Comments

Today has been a really rough day.

Four families from our agency with babies younger than GB are out of PGN.  I am happy for them of course.

But I feel so hopeless, helpless, and doomed.

Why me? Why can’t one fucking thing go smoothly?

I take that back: the close on the house in MUCDTR seems to be going quite smoothly. Unfortunately, they still don’t have funding for my job.


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  1. Hey Art,

    Sorry for the rough day. Thinking of you & Pili.

  2. Hang in there AS! Good things come around, and you’ve helped out some great Guatemama’s today!

    But I can TOTALLY relate. We just want our babies home. Is that so wrong???


  3. Im sorry youre having a bad day (had a bad day)… we’re allowed to have them… Keep the goal in mind…GB is beautiful

  4. hi,
    i read in one of your posts that you wonder about who all the lurkers are out there, and so i thought i would tell you a little about myself so that you could know why i am here.

    i am a bisexual woman who was in a relationship with a woman 7 years ago when she was about to adopt a baby from guatemala. we both went down to guatemala city and met the beautiful baby boy–a spectacular boy by any measure. we loved him, but we did not stay together. i knew him well, however, until he died of cancer two years ago. i can only say that whatever you are going through now, whatever doubts you may have, my experience with adopting a guatebaby tells me that it is worth every single moment of worry.

    now i am in a new relationship, and i am having a baby with a donor egg. so it’s another try at the same pursuit of love and family. i wish you well and am happy to read your blog.

  5. Your posting really stgheratenid me out. Thanks!

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