The room formerly known as our guest room

July 1, 2007 at 11:19 pm | Posted in All Consuming, M'ijo | 32 Comments

Is now looking more and more like a nursery.

It’s got a bright red crib*.

Red Crib

We bought a car seat and had it installed (in the car).

Holy crap, it's a car seat!

Then we bought a dresser, and had to uninstall the carseat to get the dresser in the backseat.

Changer Dresser

Idli seems a little nervous.


Bart is oblivious.

One week until he’s back in our arms, for good, and everything changes.

*Yes, we painted the crib. We used this fantastic paint. You tell them the brand, name, and color number of the color you want, and they ship you (free fedex shipping) a no-VOC version of the paint.


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  1. LOVE the crib.

  2. So how much time are you spending in there just looking at everything?

  3. I have goose bumps looking at your pictures. I remember that week so well: he’s coming home! he’s coming home! he’s coming home!

    So excited for you.

  4. Yay! So exciting!

  5. That’s awesome news! I’m so excited for you (pl.). And I like the little quetzal on the crib! Nice touch.

  6. Wow. Just wow. I’m so thrilled for you. πŸ™‚

  7. May this week fly by! Felicidades!

  8. Wow!!!!

    And where did you get that dresser? We want something like that…

  9. LOVE the red crib! GB will be stylin’. SO EXCITED FOR YOU!!!


  10. Idli looks enormouse! That kitty knows something out of the ordinary is happening.

  11. The crib looks amazing, all painted up!

    One week??? SQUEEEE!

  12. Damn, girl! You must be so excited. It must be a blast to be running around getting everything done with an actual DATE in sight. Let me know if it was a good thing to have waited or should I be doing more stuff now rather than waiting for “THE CALL”.

  13. FINALLY!! I’m so excited for you and Pili.

  14. I love the nursery! It’s very sophisticated, yet fun. Loving the red crib. Any thoughts on art for the walls? Maybe some blow-ups of your favorite photos from your two trips? You took some really good ones and flickr makes it easy to order. Just an idea. Walls would also look cool with some nice prints! Thanks for that link! I’ve been wanting to find some paint I could use!

  15. I looooooove the red crib! It’s gorgeous!!

  16. The crib and dresser look fantastic! I can’t wait for Guatebaby to be home and using it!

  17. The red crib is FABULOUS!

    Excellent choice.

    Can’t wait to see photos of the boy in it! πŸ™‚

  18. I love the crib, too. I’m so excited for you 3!

  19. The crib is very nice, but I’m super-impressed with your car seat. Boo has that one, too. Excellent choice.

    FYI – if you’re ever looking for a second seat, for whatever reason, the Fisher Price Safe Voyages has a Britax Marathon body and is a very good car seat for about $150 less than the Marathon.

  20. I am so incredibly happy for you guys! Love the paint, the red crib, and can’t wait until you get to go and squish him again!

    Lots of luck and love on your journey.

  21. I love the red crib, and also the little bird sitting on top!

  22. I am so ecstatic for you and Pili πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ :)…

    I’m sure he’ll bring so much love, joy, and happiness into your lives.

    Best wishes always,


  23. Love love love the crib!! What a happy room!!

  24. This is soooo exciting!!!! I love the color of the crib!

  25. I love the red crib, too! So excited for you!

  26. oh, your kitties are cute. πŸ™‚
    they are SO in for it. You’re so mean to bring them an already-mobile creature to torture them. Our cats prefer the non-mobile types and then, by the time they’re mobile, the cats are used to them.

    They still give us nasty looks when we bring Niblet over. They’re like “hey, I thought we got rid of her!” All she wants is to “pet” the cats. Especially their tails….

  27. Very excited for the three of you. I am also panting over the gorgeous red crib.

  28. It looks good, but it’s like there’s something missing…….
    Fill that crib up with a baby why dontcha!?!

  29. I’m jumping up and down with excitement for you.

    What a lovely crib and dresser. What a lovely room. What a fabulous week next week will be.

  30. This is so exciting! I love the red crib. LOL about the car seat in and out. That’s the way it goes IRL.

  31. One week?!?! Holy wow!!

  32. Wow! This is so exciting! Seems you’ve been in limbo forever. Big fat huge super-sized congratulations!!!

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