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July 11, 2007 at 6:58 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 41 Comments

Writing from the crappy keyboarded internet cafe again…

We have been having a great time just hanging out with Pepito.  After a few minutes of worried looks, he seemed to remember us, and has been just an absolute joy 99.8% of the time since.  He is babbling ga-ga and da-da and the occasional sound that I try desperately to interpret as ma-ma.  And (the cats are so screwed) the child is full-on crawling.

Pili & Pepito survived their embasy appt today and the visa will be issued tomorrow… Despite wking up at 4am to get to the appt, P´ito charmed everyone in the waiting room with his antics and then came home and turned into a never-nap crazy boy. 

We are beyond thrilled to be within a breath of being through.  Tomorrow we get the visa, and Friday… we go home. 

con besitos de guatemala…


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  1. Ah…. so great to hear from you and hear all about the BAYBEEEEEE!

  2. Can you believe it?
    And Lil’P crawling? I can just see you guys taking him shopping with one of those kid leashes on – he’ll be so inquisitive and sociable that you’ll have to keep a close watch.

  3. I’ve been thinking about you all! Great to hear that you’re almost done and that Pepito’s adjustment is going well.

  4. Congrats! He is all yours now! WOOHOO!!! Safe travels home.

  5. How was the embassy appointment?? What did they ask? How wonderful! your family is together!
    Safe trip home!!

  6. Wow!! Just wow!!! Congrats to all three of you. 🙂

  7. Congrats! Glad to hear all is going well. You were at the embassy today with friends of mine and their new little girl! I can’t wait until it’s our turn again. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of the trip and have a safe journey home.

  8. Yay!

  9. Yay! You’ve got me in tears, A-S. Have a safe trip, and good luck with the travels!

    Can’t wait to see all the pics!!

  10. I’m so glad you updated! I’m so, so happy for you.

  11. :):):)

  12. i remember sitting in that embassy room all day, waiting and waiting! and all the guatemalans are waiting in another room, for another kind of visa, and the strangeness of all the americans collected together in one room, with babies and babies, and such joy and fatigue all mixed together. best wishes to all three of you!!!

  13. squeeeeee!

  14. made my day!
    I am so happy for all three of you! Have a safe trip home to your new life as parents. I am sure it is going to be the most joyous time of your lives!

  15. Oh Art and Pili

    I’m so thrilled for all 3 of your. Safe travels home, I wish you a spill-free flight!! (My wife had an entire drink spilled on her towards the end of a LONG flight by our then 16-month old on our way home from our 2nd adoption.)

  16. Yay!– I’m so glad it’s almost over and that you will be home with your little guy soon. Post pics soon!

  17. I am so happy for you guys. Have a safe trip home!

  18. Congratulations … it looks like this is finally going to happen, and soon!

  19. What absolute joy! Many, many congrats to all three of you!!

  20. damn you, now I’m tearing up at work.
    I’m so happy for you guys. Pepito is sooo gonna be saying Mama in a hot second.
    Can’t wait to see updated pictures!

    and i feel for your cats. those baby gates? they’re really for the cats to jump over and get away from the baby. They’ll learn. 🙂

  21. Hey, this is great news! Have a safe trip home.

    The cats will adjust – ours waited until the crawling kid was safely wedged under a kitchen chair and would then approach to be petted ; )

  22. How WONDERFUL! Can’t wait for that first post from home. By the way, my boys *still* say da-da for half the things they encounter. Pacchi can say mama but chooses not to most of the time. Picchi can’t say it… he does this “baa baa” thing that sounds like a Louis Armstrong impression. Not cool.

  23. That is so great!!

  24. WOW! Home. As in – playdate for Malka home.



  25. Hooray! I’m so very excited for you three. Good luck on Friday!

  26. Thrilled for an update!!!
    Dude- friday is TOMORROW.
    this is pretty damn exciting. Much love to all 3 of you.

  27. I am so stoked for you all! We can’t wait to meet him! Let us know when you are ready for guests OK? This is just so damn exciting!

  28. WHOOOOOT! So excited for you all!!! Congratulations!

  29. Yay!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. Congratulations! I’m so happy for you three!

  31. Woo hoo! So exciting. Can’t wait to see PICTURES!!!!

  32. Oh, my God. Unbelievably exciting. Mazel tov a million times over. Or, you know, some appropriate multiple of chai. Can’t wait for pix. can’t wait to hug him my own self.

  33. I am always reading, but rarely commenting. Shame on me! I JUSTWANT TO SAY I AM SO VERY HAPPY FOR YOU!

  34. !felicidades!

  35. I am so glad that things are going well and I certainly hope you are all on your way home today!!!
    I am glad your wait is finally over!!!!

  36. Just had to add my congratulations. I’ve been reading for awhile but haven’t commented. I wish you only the Very Best!

  37. I LOVE IT!!!! I am so excited for you!!!!

  38. Welcome home! You must be home together at last… YAY!

  39. FANTASTIC! I am thrilled for you guys.

  40. CONGRATULATIONS!! Or should I say, Felicitaciones!

    Soooo wonderful!

    And regarding one of your previous posts — I think you’ll do fine at talking to friends without always mentioning bodily fluids. The key is noticing when the eyes start to glaze over. 😉

  41. May everything else go smoothly so that you may quickly find yourself snugly & safely at home with your baby boy!!!

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