How many times can I say SEARS in one post?

July 20, 2007 at 9:47 am | Posted in All Consuming | 14 Comments

Emailed to Sears.Com.  I am going to say SEARS SEARS SEARS as many times as possible in this post so that people who are searching for SEARS APPLIANCE REPAIR come across this instead!

Dear Sears Appliance Repair: 

Yesterday morning, I called Sears to schedule a repair visit for my fridge, which was not cooling. After turning down an extremely unpleasant hard sell to prepay for the repairs, I was assured that an appointment was available today, and a repairman would call me to schedule. By the time it was clear that no repairman was going to call or show up, it was too late for me to schedule an appt with another company and I had a fridge full of spoiled food.

When I called Sears, I was told that “someone should have called me” to tell me that no one was coming, and that the next available appt was on Saturday! As far as I am concerned, Sears is responsible for over $200 worth of groceries going to waste. I called a different repair company this morning and had a serviceman present within the hour.

I have been a loyal customer of Sears for many years now, but will never purchase or repair another appliance with you again, and will advise all my friends and relatives to do the same. Your name is now mud in my book.



p.s. Pepito is pissed at Sears too.

Angry Boy


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  1. I am so sorry about your fridge, but so hugely grinning at the picture of your son.

  2. That blows. Let us know if they answer you.

  3. I hear you. We’ve been been wrangling with Sears regarding OUR fridge for the last year or so. Ice maker keeps breaking, they keep fixing & so on & so forth. Bastards.

  4. Grrr – I kick myself every day for falling for that damn prepay scam when our fridge, and today I’m kicking myself twice knowing that my money is subsidizing no-show repairmen. Bleah. Hope it gets fixed soon, and they should definitely cut you a rebate check for the spoiled food – save your receipt when you go for your “replacement” trip.

  5. — complain to the better business bureau.

    And give Pepito some extra snuggles and kisses.

  6. I had a problem with a refrigerator from Sears also and since it was past the initial 90 days we had a very difficult time. The problem is that you have to deal with OneSource for any issues. They are very arrogant and could care less about your problems.But I must tell you all, do not give up. We had a very frustrating time trying to get it replaced. we talked with everyone from the appliances manager all the way up to the store manager and they could do nothing but refer us to OneSource. Finally, we called the corporate office and still got routed to OneSource. The key is to ask for the complaints department. We finally were able to talk to someone that could help us and our new refrigertator should be delivered this coming week.

  7. Phttthbt to Sears.

  8. That sucks so bad, but that pic is way too cute!

  9. Thanks for letting us know. I will now blackball Sears myself.

  10. We’ve had an issue with them, too. One dude didn’t know what he was doing and ordered wrong part. Second dude had to order new part-moral of the story? Three weeks to get our dishwasher fixed, and it took maybe…mmmm…5 minutes to do it. I sure wish my DH and I were handy, so we don’t have to rely on mega-sucky Sears.

    Love the picture, though!

  11. That is ridiculous! I’m totally boycotting them myself!
    Love the pic of Pepito – yucky Sears!

  12. I tagged you for a meme!

  13. Lil’P is way cute even when his brow is furrowed.

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