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July 24, 2007 at 10:09 pm | Posted in Linky Love, M'ijo, Meows | 32 Comments

Does this happen to anyone else? I have Big Serious Bloggable Ideas float through my head when I’m driving or showering or singing the baby to sleep with the same two lullabies whose lyrics I actually know… and then by the time I get to the computer, I am brain dead, and it’s about all I can do to post a few pictures or cute P’ito stories. Things I Really Do Want to Write About Include:

  • How I think having diabetes might help me understand how it feels to be adopted
  • Feeling guilty about how going back to work wasn’t as hard as everyone said it would be
  • How utterly bizarre it is to hear the same two lullabies my parents sang to me coming out of my mouth
  • The sheer physicality of my love for Pepito
  • 23 interesting facts about me (I believe I’ve been tagged for the 8 facts meme twice and the 7 facts meme once)
  • My anxiety about the not-too-far-off move to MUCDTR and how it will impact our relationship and how I deal with it by totally sticking my head in the sand until there is sandpaper in my eardrums
  • Pepito’s first pediatrician visit (he had an ear infection! we had no idea!)

Any requests? I’m more likely to actually write in response to someone else’s prompting than out of the desire to hear myself talk…

On another note: random parenting questions

  • How much water do you put in the bath tub and how do you control a wriggly child in said tub? P’ito loves baths, but hates the little baby tubs. His favorite thing is to bathe with one or both of us, but that’s not always possible. Tonight he climbed off the little baby sling and started crawling around the tub.In the BathThen he managed to get himself into a downward dog position in the tub! I almost had a heart attack.
  • Do you love your stroller? If so, what is it, and why do you love it?
  • What to do about a vague cat pee smell in the baby’s room? I can’t exactly find the source and I don’t know which cat is at fault – he’s tormenting all of them. And is there anything we can do to help the cats and the baby learn to love one another?
  • In Pursuit

Some P’ito milestones from the past week: Stands with a parent helping him! Sits on his knees – is almost pulling up to standing… and I came home from work today to discover that he has become downward dog baby! There are more pictures on flickr.

And some thank you notes…

Jen, Cait & Natalie sent us a fuzzibunz diaper and a hemp insert

Diaper from Jen & Cait!

Thank you for inducting us into the cult helping us understand the confusing world of cloth.

And the Family O sent an adorable outfit (onesie? what is this thing called?) for P’ito

Outfit by Lo & Co

Thank you! He was indeed.


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  1. You know, I was just coming over here to tell you that we cannot live on just a Sears rant for very long! I know…pretty brazen considering we don’t even know each other. But I like to think (dream?) that I will be as cool as you when my little bundle finally comes home – apparently just in time for me to send her to college!
    I would very much like to read why you think having diabetes helps you understand being adopted. In fact, just put a number next to each one of those ideas and do one topic per week.
    As for bathing babies – I have one of those ring seats that suctions to the bottom of the tub. Send your address to me and I will be happy to send mine to you. Doubtful that I’m going to need it in the next 6 months and then she’ll be too big for it!

  2. The kitchen sink is a good place to bathe a mobile baby, and you only need about 2 inches of water (more is also okay if he’s happy with it).

    He’s so adorable!!!

    Almost any song counts as a lullabye if you sing it softly enough.

    It is completely sweet that you are singing to him the lullabyes your parents sang to you.

  3. Sometimes you can find cat pee with a blacklight. Once you find it, use something like Nature’s Miracle (exactly as directed) because if the smell remains, cats will think that area is now a litterbox.

  4. At this stage, it’s best to keep the water really shallow. But basically I remember having to get in the bath with Gatito. You don’t have to get nekkid and really bathe, just put on a pair of shorts.

    We have the Maclaren Triumph, I believe, and it has served us well.

    Ditto to the black light/Nature’s Miracle suggestions. And then I think you just need to keep Pepito away from the cats as much as possible and give them time. Petting should be supervised and only if Pepito’s the type to pet gently. (Gatito is.) Gatito loves the cats but I can’t really say it’s mutual.

  5. Working – don’t feel guilty at all. Some people are just not cut out to be sahms. I was about to lose my mind before I went back to work. I’m a much better mom now that I’m back to work than I was while I was off on FMLA.

  6. Oh damn those pics are so cute. I love the one where he’s trying to corner the kitty.

  7. If he’s a solid sitter upper (that’s the technical term) I’d go with a small level of water (up to his sittin’ down hips) in the regular tub or get one of those blow up tubs and put it in the big tub. That’s what we did for my big giant second baby. You will get wet no matter what! 😉

    We use the cat pee neutralizer stuff you can get at petsmart – Nature’s Miracle. It works pretty well.

  8. I guess being adopted and diabetic have similarities. When I was very little, my brother’s and my bedtime stories were something along the line of “When other mothers have babies they don’t have any say in who they get, but your dad and I were so lucky because we got to pick you!” which was remarkably effective in making us feel rather special.

    Your son is gorgeous!

  9. I’m not a parent yet, so I can’t offer any good advice… but I must say that I second the sink baths. My mom bathed me in the sink and said that I loved it. Also, I just have to add that your son is the cutest little thing! Enjoy every moment!

  10. Wow, great pictures. Is like just a little different now!

    If you want good songs for bedtime check out Luka Bloom’s album Before Sleep Comes. WARNING, do not listen to it in the car, it’s very relaxing. Our son still likes to listen to it at night when falling asleep. Some wonderful Irish melodies there, just right for bedtime.

    Happy summer!

  11. Gosh he’s cute Artsweet.

    I love our stroller, now if I could only remember what it’s called. I know it’s a Graco. Crap, I’ll have to get back to you about the name. It does a million things but I just like that it is easy clean up and she can sleep in it in several different modes. It also can be set-up and let down with one hand.

    The tub sings work great. We used them all the time with our neices. Izzie isn’t quite to that point yet.
    Take care and pepito is so cute!!!

  12. As I’ve mentioned, we love our Graco MetroLite. Cheap, light, easy to use.
    I feel for your cats. If they’d gotten a chance to know him before he became mobile, they might be better about it…damn that PGN!
    I suggest just giving them as much attention as possible; making sure they have plenty of room to hang out in where he can’t get to them. Maybe giving them treats while you’re changing his diaper, or give them treats in his bedroom? Something to slowly associate him with Good Things.
    NAture’s Miracle is okay, but Petastic is better, if you can find it. You just gotta crawl around and sniff everywhere. When you find it, you’ll know.

  13. I’d love to hear more about diabetes/adoption/parenting 🙂 And I’d like to know more about MUCDTR.

    Actual baby isn’t here but I got a used Emmaljunga on craigslist. Pro: $50, looks awesome, love craigslist, and I love that it’s not plastic! Con: It’s really heavy, which I understand to be true of all Emmaljunga. Still, this thing is built like a Mac Truck. I’d check your local Craigslist and look for European strollers if you’re looking for something stylish and durable.

  14. Another Graco MetroLite lover here. Smooth ride, room enough for everything we tote around, has worked from infancy to toddlerhood, easy-in-and-out, easy open and close, economical and unpretentious.

  15. Hey, I was wondering if he had an ear infection when he kept pulling on his ear. But Phili said he does that a lot so I didn’t say anything. I can’t tell you how many times I have taken one of my kids to the MD for a well child check and find out that there was something else wrong! Parenthood! And I second the sink option. Cheryl used to hang over the side of the tub nd bathe Katie – hmmm, come to think of it, she still does! As far as strollers, I really, really like our Maclauren Volo because it goes up to 50 pounds and Katie can still ride in it. It doesn’t recline though. If you want, I have a Chicco that reclines and is still in good shape. Comes with a rain cover if I can find it. It’s a good throw in the truck and go to the mall stroller. Let me know and we’ll bring it on Sunday.

  16. Oh yeah, we bought a big yellow blow up duck tub and put it in the regular tub! I forgot about that. Got it at Targay too!

  17. We love our MacClaren we have a techno XT and we just got a Volo. I mostly love it because it is so lightweight, easy to open and close, and comfy for my babe, but all of those things make it great for the city. If you don’t live in a city, you might want to get something else because the basket size is lacking.

    I think it is good to list all of your ideas in one post, then work off of that post so your ideas don’t go away.

  18. You have described my blogging life since motherhood PERFECTLY. Luckily all of us other mom bloggers are too tired and busy and one-handed to read as well as write, so we’ll all be happy to ooh and ahh and gush over your adorable pictures. But, when you get back to writing, I pick the diabetes topic too.

    PS– I’m in the cloth diapering cult. Seriously. Love them. Love them so much that I almost never use disposables. I’ve given away the one pack of newborn size that I had and am about to do the same with the one back-up pack of the next size up. Fuzzi bunz are great. Super soft, easy to wash (but be careful about detergent choice) and Finn never gets diaper rash, knock on wood.

  19. He’s just so cute!

    I’m reading your comments for some second-hand advice, too!

  20. Holy cow, but he is dear.

    We love our Phil & Ted’s stroller with a passion that only grows. It is most useful for 2 kids – we got it because we needed to accomodate a newborn and a 9 month old. It is marvelous.

  21. We pretty much like our Peg Perego Pramette, but I would probably go for the cheaper AT at 9 months old. The steering is great, it doesn’t tip over even when I have tons of groceries, and the wheels are really sturdy. The basket is HUGE. The only things I don’t care for on our stroller (the pramette; I am not sure what the amenities are on the AT since we’re not considering a change right now) are the lack of parent tray for drinks and the straps.

  22. Babies R us has this great bath chair that sits in the bathtub.Baby cant get out of the chair and my daughter loves hers,its very safe and makes the bath very easy and only costs about 25 bucks

  23. We used a bath ring with N for a while after she outgrew the baby bath seat. (like this: gave her the satisfaction of sitting up and splashing without letting her crawl all over the place. When she started to try to climb out, we switched to shallow water (just covering her bottom when sitting), and just let her go nuts. She generally didn’t care if she slipped or got water in her face, and thought it was great fun to swim from one end of the tub to the other. She definitely has had some colossal slips, but one of us is always sitting right there to catch/comfort, and she’s getting a better sense of how to be safe. The really crazy, splashy, wear a raincoat kind of action subsided a bit as the novelty wore off. If he’s already downward dogging, he might just be ready to skip the ring and do this. N was big on downward dog in the tub for a while too. Now she just walks around. Oh–we do still use the ring, though. N sits in it in the back of the tub while we take showers sometimes. For some reason she’ll put up with it there.

    Glad you like the FB. We’re always happy to suck people into the cult.

  24. um, sorry about that crazy long link.

  25. We have 2 strollers – 1 for the neighborhood (we live in Boston – have to have a 3 wheel stroller to get around) so the urban stroller we LOVE is the Baby Jogger City Series and we have a Zooper Twist we keep in the car, it folds like an umbrella but has a pretty big recline which we like a lot.
    We use the sink to bathe, but Ally is pretty small, but baths are the most stressful thing to us about being parents.
    Glad to hear you’re having fun.

  26. wow, so many things upon which to comment!
    where shall i begin? LOL.

    first, if you are not firmly in the cult and stil have questions about the cloth approach. we LOVE our g diapers. they are the best of both worlds.

    we decided on the combi i-thru stroller. it is a bit rickity but cheap and forward facing. in the end we just couldn’t bring ourselves to bugaboo, stokke, rockstar, or quinny.

    we are bathing with julian. it is amazing bonding and attachment time for us. he loves it and we feel like he has more freedom than in the suction cup seat (we use this if neither of us wants to get in the tub but now at 10 mo he can get out of it anyway.

    re: cat pee, the black light thing worked great for us to locate and enzyme spray the offending area. the tormenting part sadly continues…

    and finally, our dr also found an ear infection. truth be told, it is common for kids to have them come and go, especially with teething. they only sometimes hurt, and almost always go away without intervention. any q’s about this pop me an email…
    sounds like all is great with you guys. too cool.

  27. OK for the tub we have this although jaxen tends to just shower when one of us.

    and our stroller is this, we do love it, lightweight, tough tires, flips from forward facing to mommy facing and accepts an infant seat. Although we tend to just put jaxen in a carrier.

    We also exclusively cloth diaper so if you have any questions feel free to email either jeri or I . We are so happy for your new family and hope that Jaxen and peito can get together someday for a playdate.

  28. I am in the CD club too. I am actually down to using just regular old fashioned prefolds with pins and wool soakers or plastic pants. Easy to launder, cheap and simple. Soft, absorbent, does the job! I shake the poop in the toilet, swish and dunk when needed. It is gross but better to deal with today than bury it in layers of plastic for the future. I wash my hands a lot.

    The cats – Nature’s Miracle is the bomb. You need a black light to see where they are peeing, and you might need to lose the rug.

    A few great books on cat problems: “Think like a cat”, and “Twisted Wiskers” by Pam Johnson-Bennett. She says you have to teach the cat that the baby’s room is part of her nest/home – NOT a place to pee. You do that by playing with the cat and spending quality time with her in that room They don’t pee in places where they eat, play and hang out. I think a little cat love in the baby’s room with the baby sleeping or quietly watching (out of reach) will sooth the cat’s jealousy or whatever is going or. It’s a major adjustment for them too, having a baby brother.

    I love seeing all the pictures and hearing how happy you are. I am totally with you on the mental blogging/staring at the screen blankly. Tired is a way of life.

  29. Congrats! I’m so happy for you and Pili. I used to belong to the cult of the cloth until I went to work full time and my Mom started watching my kids. She won’t use them. So, if you need more I have lots of different sizes hanging around. Stollers are O.K. but I love my slings! My favorite is from Taylor Made Slings but Maya Wraps are great too. My mind goes blog blank. It’s bad enough to do this with my personal blog but it happens at work too. Taking the stairs I think of a great idea, rush to my desk, enter my password, log in to Typepad, and that idea is gone. I’ve even tried writing the idea down once I get to my desk–all I’m left with is what I wrote down. sigh

  30. I think that the first one: “How I think having diabetes might help me understand how it feels to be adopted” sounds very interesting. You have such great ideas.

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