But it’s for a good cause…

July 26, 2007 at 9:54 pm | Posted in All Consuming, Linky Love | 4 Comments

I have sworn, up, down, and sideways, not to buy any more non-essential baby items.

Bottles are essential. Formula is essential.  Diapers are very very essential.

Adorable baby clothing is not essential, especially not with my mother on the loose.

Why have I sworn this? Because we are now the owners of two houses, in two different cities, g-d help us. But that’s a subject worthy of its own post.  Although while I’m on this subject, I must send a HUGE thank you out to Miss Missed Conceptions, who accompanied Pili & Pepito to the close on house #2, 2.5 hours away, and entertained said boy while Pili signed our lives away. I hear that you are a champion baby wrangler, hon.

But the makers of babyrounds are having a saaaale. And they’re donating every penny they receive for the purchase of said extremely cute pants to my bloggity friend Erin and her husband, to help them afford their adoption after having their pockets sucked dry by IVF.

These are some seriously cute clothes, folks. And yes, I um (look away Pili, look away) might have bought a pair for Pepito.  Hie ye yonder folks, and shop shop shop.


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  1. Yeah, I think I’m buying tons of trendy baby attire as well. It’s for Erin, why the heck not?

    I am loving little Pepito. I need to squish him.

  2. Babies, like Cher on the stage, need many outfits a day, correct? I wouldn’t know, my kids, who were done being babies before I got ’em, only change theirs two-three times a day–that would be apart from any actual need to shed barf attacks. (But then you need to wash alla those clothes. That’s the thing.)

  3. I’m glad the closing went smoothly and P’ito was properly wrangled. Congrats on owning 2 homes!(?)

    Don’t think of the pants as a baby expenditure…think of them as part of your yearly tithing, mitzvot, donations. Totally different budget line, right? 🙂

  4. Holy crap. What did you do that for!!?? Suddenly $100 flew from my bank account to that site. Seriously, our big kid had been searching for seersucker pants all summer. So what were we to do? When buying baby seersucker, you have to buy big kid some, too. And then we threw in matching shorts for Wes. Because shouldn’t the whole family match? If they made seersucker sundresses I’d have one.

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