This is the last thing I’m going to say about diapers for at least a week…

August 3, 2007 at 10:22 am | Posted in All Consuming, M'ijo | 5 Comments

Sometimes we use cloth.  I have gotten over my initial p(oop)tsd and am quite fond of the cloth now. Sometimes we use disposies.  Thanks for the offer, Sassy, but I think I will pass on sending them to Australia to be recycled…  I will however, send out a HUGE thank you to Shelli, Narda & Malka for sending P’ito a buttload (pun very much intended) of 7th generations. We are MOST grateful.

Everyone makes the choice that is right for them.  And that is a-okay with me.  No diaper wars here, please.

Oh, and I have a post that actually contains semi-coherent thoughts and some serious navel gazing up at Lesbian Family. And I put it up last night, and um, no one has commented on it yet, and now I am not-so-secretly worrying that I Am The Only One Who Feels This Way. And if you want to know what “this way” is you will have to go over there and read it.


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  1. *shrug* I can’t comment on things I don’t know the answers too…….

    Sending huge happy thoughts to you though.

  2. They recycle poopy diapers in Australia?

    No flack from me. Pull Ups are what keep us cosleeping. When we are seriously broke and running out of Pull Ups, it is more of a panic than running out of food! No one donates older child Pull Ups to food shelves! Nor are generics manufactured for older children. And you get less per package.

    I think studies have shown that the environmental impact between the two choices evens out. Regardless, individual choices in an age of global warming? I couldn’t get out of bed if every choice I had to make was environmentally sound.

  3. You make me smile. When can I come visit??

  4. happy to oblige – they really DO rock!

    We tried papmers for about a week, as we thought they would hold more.

    NOPE. AND they smell like chemicals. UGH.

    So we RAN back to our 7th Gens.

    “Titchab-shee” – “use them in good health.

  5. No diapers here, but I just finished an anti-racist parent meme and wondered if you’d like to be tagged? Love to hear your spin on it, but I’d understand if you’re busy in poopy-dom.

    ps, Pepito is a cute sack of baby-love

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