A totally random request

August 9, 2007 at 11:43 am | Posted in I really couldn't come up with a category for this | 10 Comments

I am taking P’ito to an event. 

I need to dress him up as a late 19th century baby.  This basically means a long, simple, white cotton dress – similar to what might be used as a christening dress today.  I’m trying really hard not to spend money on this.

Examples here or here or here.

If anyone out there in blogland has such a thing that I can borrow – i.e. will do my best to keep it pristine, but he’s a baby and crap happens (quite literally) so don’t send me your grandma’s christening gown, would you let me know?   


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  1. We don’t have anything like that, sorry, but I gotta know about this event…

  2. Yeah, where are you taking this sweet boy? And why does he need a dress? Is this for charity?

  3. How old is he? How much does he weigh? What sizing is needed?
    If he is fairly small; check out a Baby Nighty section and up/downsize:) You’d be surprised what can be done:) It’s really easy to add a collar to something plain.

  4. There were Guatemalan-born babies with Jewish lesbian mothers in the 19th century, right?

  5. I’m sure Sumo would lend his (via cousin armadillo). My mom made him a christening gown and then decided he was too butch to wear it lol
    PS could your kid BE anny cuter?

  6. Zowie, where are you and P’ito going? 19th century, so Ren Faire is out… not quite the season for a Dickens faire. Nope, I give up, no idea. Bet he’ll look adorable in whatever you find.

  7. That was funny! 😉

  8. totally curious about the event.
    maybe you could just get a big one piece and paint some ruffles on it?
    um…yeah. I haven’t a clue.

  9. Well hello there and congratulations and Happy One-Month-Being-Home little P’ito! He’s adorable! If you’d lived closer I’d have sewn you a gown like you needed.

  10. […] We went to the event. […]

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