Has it been one month already?

August 15, 2007 at 1:04 am | Posted in M'ijo | 19 Comments

Hard to believe.  It seems simultaneously like P’ito has been home forever and like he just came yesterday.

He’s standing up. Everywhere.

Pulling Up on EVERYTHING!

Piano Bench

He hasn’t quite mastered no-hands yet, but he’s working on it most persistantly.

Also hard to believe. We’re moving. In a month.

It's a good thing he likes boxes

It’s a good thing he likes boxes.

Some recent scary news from Guatemala hit rather too close to home. I’m not linking to the news stories because they’re full of lies, but I feel like I just drove over the bridge and then turned my head and watched it crumble. My heart breaks for the families and staff living in this horrible limbo. Every time I think about it and how close we came, I want to grab my boy and absorb him into my body to keep him safe. I can’t believe how lucky we are, how blessed.


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  1. WOW, a whole month already! Just reading about everything, from the beginning to now has been wonderful. Thanks for letting “me” share this with you guys! I have enjoyed reading everything – all the heart ache, and all these wonderful moments you are now sharing with him – and looking forward to read all the joys that are still to come!He is such a beautiful boy… good luck with all the packing… x

  2. Isn’t it crazy how it feels like they just came home and have been here forever. I feel that way all the time with Ruby. Love the pictures – He’s such a little cutie! Glad you’re one of the lucky ones getting him home. I can’t imagine being one of the families there right now.

    Kerri and Ruby

  3. Wow, he is so cute – and looks like a busy little guy! Amazing how quickly it seems like a baby has been around “forever”. Good luck with the packing! I’ll try and email you sometime this week!

  4. I absolutely feel that way about my little niece Emily, who came from China. I can’t remember life without her.
    Pepito looks very very determined. His little bare feet are sooooo cute.

  5. He’s so adorable! OMG, I didn’t realize he was “there” (respecting your desire to not mention the name). OMG! I’m just sick about it. Great analogy, BTW.

  6. So good to see P’ito home and doing great! Thanks for the oh-so-cute photos.

    I was deeply sorry to read the terrible news about the beautiful bridge that brought your family together. My prayers go out for those families still on the bridge and for those who are trying to hold it together in the face of lies and abuse of power.

    I am also sorry for the emotional blow this has been to your family.

    Much love — Cheri

  7. What an adorable little guy!
    I found you through a Type 1 diabetes blog search, but got caught up in your wonderful adoption story. Congrats!

  8. Such a cute boy. Good luck with the packing.

  9. Wow- has it really been a month?? Pepito is SUPER cute. Lovin’ the overalls.

    I am sorry about CQ. It’s hard enough to read the lies in general, but when you KNOW families who are directly impacted, it’s heartbreaking.

    Best wishes on the move!

  10. Oh my gosh, I love those strong ‘n chubby little baby legs! And I’ve decided that boxes are the best baby toys going.

  11. He is adorable!! And looks like quite the happy baby–congrats on one month already!

  12. Pictures of Pepito make me want to smooch those chubby, chubby cheeks!

    If you need a babysitter while you pack, just give me a ring.

  13. Artsweet,

    I gave you an award on my blog!


  14. Oh my God. I’m so in love with looking at him. I could just gobble him up with this chunky cheeks and legs. So wonderful!!

  15. Oh holy fuck, that is one cute baby. And I thank everything good in the world that you got him when you did.

  16. Stalking your blog for pictures of your little man!

    He is adorable – we are so glad we were able to meet you all in person!

  17. Look at him!! He looks too tiny to be doing that. He’s so dang cute. I just want to smoosh him!

  18. How exciting! He sure seems to be thriving. Unrelated note = I dig his overalls.

    –Robin, the Other Mother

  19. What a cutie. It does seem they have been home forever. I noticed the diabetes info. I have been a diabetic for 27 years. I was worried about the adoption with diabetes and traveling, I had zero issues. check out our blog.

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