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August 29, 2007 at 12:10 am | Posted in Linky Love, M'ijo | 16 Comments

I wasn’t going to post until I had something deep and meaty and thought provoking to write about.

But then I thought I’d better get off my tush and post, otherwise my next post would also need to be titled “Has it really been a month already?”

In my defense, we’ve been really busy around here.

Pepito’s adorable friend Garin (and his mom!) came to visit:

Looking Together

Garin & P'ito


We went to the event.

Me & Master P.

me and mrp

Check out the teeth in that second picture. And yet, all he wants to eat is puree. Sigh. I am so jealous of people whose kids will devour hunks of banana and avocado. This one is going to be thirty and still craving E@rth’s Best Turkey Vegetable Dinner.

Speaking of eating:

We got some very cute presents from T&A in flat city (thankyouthankyouthankyou)

Awesome Bib

Pre-meal, clearly. He’s looking at me like, “why mama, are you holding that camera instead of wielding the spoon of sweet sweet Turkey Vegetable Dinner deliverance?”

Bob Dylan Wannabe

This onesie is true more often than not, alas.

Everybody was kung fu fighting...

This shirt is already appropriate. I mean… look at that kick!


As always, lots more pictures friends-only on flickr.

Other things keeping me busy:

Working a full day and then driving an hour and twenty minutes home. Will NOT miss that commute.
Obsessing about the situation in Guatemala. This really deserves its own post.
Packing, Sorting, Yardsaling, Throwing OUT.
And. My mother-out-law is visiting. For EIGHT days.
Did I mention, packing?

A question: how do you pack? Are you a pack-it-all-the-last-week-person, or are you a pack a few boxes a day for several weeks person? And what would you say to your partner when she tells you: “I am irrationally angry that you packed all the nice bowls away and now I have to serve the salad in this metal mixing bowl.”

Hint: Yes, that’s irrational, dear = not a good answer.

p.s. A very overdue congrats to Bri and Wes who are now the proud parents of a bee-u-tiful boy. Congrats as well to… Tam, Andrea (even though her child eats solid foods and I hate her), Jo (you have to read her post – it’s beautiful), Barb and Holly – who are all either home from Guatemala with their babies or very very close to it.

And keep your fingers crossed for the ones in waiting: J., Cali and the pee-stick-poem-writing Missed Conceptions, and on a more serious note, the babies, families adoptive and first, and staff of the hogar.

Did I miss you? All omissions are absolutely unintentional, I swear, and can be blamed on Mr. “What do you mean, 4:30am isn’t a good time to play?”


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  1. Adorable baby clothes! Even more adorable baby! And your hat! Why, what a lovely hat you (that is “you” and not Pili?) have! Not to mention that porcelin complexion.

    Anyhoo, I’m happy that you came and updated us, even if I have been nodding sagely at the lack of a post from you in my Bloglines list thinking “I remember that new baby/no time to do anything” time in my life. But now I know that you were just waiting for something smart to say. Oh well. Happy packing! (And I’m a gradual sort of girl myself. Even if it means salad in a mixing bowl. Actually, I don’t have a nice salad bowl and do salad in a big metal bowl all the time.)

  2. Love the pics! Glad to know you’re still alive out there. I was beginning to wonder – LOL. Happy packing and moving – it’ll be worth it in the end.

    Kerri and Ruby

  3. Great pics Art. I was wondering when there’d be more……..On flickr does he have a stick in his mouth? (Doesn’t look much like a licorice whip or beef jerky). He was cute in his turn of the century outfit. And, the little friend is also a doll.

  4. I really honestly can’t take it. He’s so f*cking cute (sorry for the profanity, but I can’t express the emphasis of how cute I think he is any better).

    The third pic of him where he looks like you’ve interrupted a secret he was about to tell his friend…that is too precious.

  5. so happy to have an effing post from you. woo hoo!
    The boy is a stud muffin- so cute!
    But may I just say the photos of him at “the Event”are cracking me up! Excellent photoshop work.

    As for packing- I begin a “let’s back up a room a week” sort of gal with a PLAN. But then it quickly becomes this overwhelming suckfest & I end up nuts with the packing the week before a move.

    & thanks for the crossed fingers- much appreciated.

  6. OMG, is he cute! And so fashionable! Know what you mean about the solid foods. J looks like a crack fiend when I put puffs or Cheerios or bananas or cheese shreds down, N looks like she will throw up (and usually does) if anything with texture enters her mouth.

  7. Oh, yeah, I pack a little at a time. You know, camping gear, and other stuff that doesn’t need to be used. By the time of the big move, there is nothing left but some paper towels to eat salad on.

  8. what a beautiful baby! What great chompers! It looks like you are all doing well, even though more than a tad busy. Good luck with the packing!

  9. Like the Bob Dylan onesie πŸ˜‰

  10. Love the pictures from the “event!”
    As for the packing question, I am a last-minute-throw-everything-in-whatever-boxes-or-bags-possible packer. This makes unpacking quite an event.
    My response to my partner regarding the salad bowl would be along the lines of “you’re lucky we’re not serving salad out of a ziploc baggie.”

  11. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog via Erin’s. I have had a great morning reading all of your posts from the AdoptThis! category. (Shhhh, don’t tell anyone – I’m at work.)

    You certainly do have a Guapo! He is adorable and it looks like a great personality to boot! Congratulations to you and Phili and your sweet boy.

  12. SO cute. I was wondering when we’d get a new post πŸ™‚ Looks like all is well in P’ito Land. He’s just super, super cute. I am still dying to know WHY you were all dressed up for turn of the century, but that’s for another post, right. RIGHT?!?!

    Seriously, he’s just adorable.

  13. sooooo glad you finally posted. I was getting very tired of seeing the “has it been a month already” post. In fact I was afraid you might become one of those who doesn’t post anymore. I’m so happy to see that I’m wrong! And you think in-laws for 8 days are bad? My poor sister has them for TWO WEEKS!!!!! I don’t dare post anything about it on my blog in case they find it, but as much as I adore my in-laws, sissy’s are pretty much the ones from hell!!!! I feel so bad for her. Does NOT help her bi-polar at ALL.

  14. Gah! Could he be any cuter?!

    Eight days with ANYONE staying at my house would make me nuts. Good luck with that, BTW.

    I’m more of a gradual packer, but I also wind up throwing a LOT out or donating it because I hate moving so much.

    I’d say, “Hun, be glad we’re nor eating off of paper plates, YET.”

    Thanks for the congrats!

  15. He is a cookie-face, totally edible!

    I like to pack gradually, too, so I can remain calm when the actually day gets closer. I also throw/give a lot away, which is anathema to my Dh and his family. They had a closet full of books, unread and unopened, for 15 years that filled 18 boxes of a variety of sizes. Needless to say, the books were disintegrating and moldy.

  16. Delurking with a very late comment to say Pepito is absolutely gorgeous! Glad your move went well.

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