Have you seen my brain?

September 13, 2007 at 12:15 am | Posted in Home, Sweet Home? | 15 Comments

I think I put it in a box somewhere…

We survived the move and the drive with three cats harmonizing, but I am afraid I will be somewhat scarce until next tuesday, when the internet fairies come and turn on my internet. I am currently using my dad’s laptop via his cell phone as none of our new neighbors are considerate enough to have non-passworded wireless networks.

The cats and the boy seem to be adjusting just fine to the new house. I feel sort of shell shocked. Having spent four years getting used to the quirks (can’t use the toaster and the microwave simultaneously, no three-prong outlets anywhere, etc.) and joys (laundry chute! laundry chute! cabinet space!) of the old house, I find myself constantly bumping into walls. Today I walked into the walk-in closet (nice) in our bedroom and started pulling down my pants. Then I realized that although it’s in the same place as the bathroom was in our old bedroom, it’s a closet, not a bathroom.

Must go unpack a few more boxes in search of my thoughts… until tuesday.

And happy new year, to those for whom it’s a new year.


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  1. Congrats on getting moved. I’m sure the brain will turn up somewhere ; ) BTW I’ve done the exact same closet/bathroom door switch.

    When we moved our cat hid under our dresser for three weeks…sounds like yours are a little less neurotic.

    Enjoy your new year!

  2. not to one-up you or anything, but on the move to our current house, our cats got so freaked out they both peed and got diarrhea in their carriers. and we got stuck in traffic.

  3. Ah shucks – db has already taught you to be flexible and adaptable – this should be a breeze.

  4. Lucky you realised where you were before it was too late, huh? I keep doing the same thing and ending up in the spare room.

    Well done on the move though and good luck for getting everything sorted.

  5. Glad you realized you were in the closet before you tried to sit down and pee. 🙂
    Glad you made it to the new place. Hope you’re settled quickly.

    Kerri and Ruby

  6. so glad to hear from you. Can’t wait to hear all about the new place.

    • Your answer was just what I neddee. It’s made my day!

  7. Looking forward to visiting you in MUCDTR. Shana tovah!

  8. Congrats on getting the move done. Oh, how I hate moving. I know all about the not running 2 high powered electrical items at the same time. I live it daily. I can’t wait to have the addition built on and have the electricity fixed at the same time!

  9. Congratulations on getting into the new house. ANd best wishes on finding the brain.

    Do you read Travels in Booland (elswhere.blogspot.com)? Elswhere has had a series of fabulous posts on moving this fall, including one about the trials of unpacking.

  10. Is it in that box in the living room labeled “JAP Things”? Cuz I swear there was a box labeled that…
    (how un-PC can I be this early in the morning? Go me!)

    Remember, the MUCDTR may not have more than 3 thai restaurants, but it has people willing to help out while you look for your brain. Though not this weekend, as we’re going out of town to a remote cabin with our friends who didn’t just move. Nah, nah!
    (how bitchy can I be this early in the morning?)

  11. Oy. Moving is such a pain. But the attempted bathroom pee made me laugh. :o)

    Hang tough.

  12. If the cats are settling in so easily, I bet the rest of you will follow suit shortly. Ours was under the bed, literally for a month when I last moved.

    So hang in there, you’ll stop pulling your pants down in the closet very, very soon.
    L’Shanah Tova!

  13. I don’t think I could ever move out of a house with a laundry shoot! How cool is that?

    Good luck finding your brain

  14. Tou can have a laundry chute put in your new house. It’s easy. I miss the central vacuum cleaner in my old house but I love the back stairs from the kitchen to the second floor and the big attic in our new house. The old house had an attic but it was unusable because the stairs were almost as steep as a ladder and the stair treads were only five inches wide. How strange is that? People must have had very tiny feet 100 years ago.

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