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Tent camping with an 11-month old (how did that happen?): Yea, Nay, and if so, How?

A few points of clarification… and more questions for those who’ve done this:

  • Absolutely car camping.  We’re crazy, but not that crazy.  
  • Where did baby sleep? (P’ito is not used to co-sleeping, and I don’t think our tent will hold a pack n’ prison and us)
  • What did baby sleep in to stay warm?

Oh and some cute pictures of said 11-month old, just because.  Big thanks to Minnesota Nice who knitted this awesome hat.

Hat, actually on the head! Watch out! Hat, with two seconds to go!

I can’t even say how blessed we are to have this boy home. Please, please – go to Cheri’s site and read her explanations of the shit that is hitting the fan in Guatemala and what you can do to help. And then please, please – call your senator, call your congressperson – do SOMETHING. Thanks, from the bottom of my heart and Pepito’s cheeks.


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  1. Oh my gosh, that hat is SO cute. Almost as cute as Pepito! He’s darling 🙂

  2. Camping with wee one…. We did it for one night with a 13 month old and it was not so bad. But ours was definitely camping lite! We were in the backyard of a farmhouse so had access to water, etc. I actually think the proximity of the house was not a big factor in our success – but I do recommend car camping at a minimum (people do backpack with babies but wow! they are more ambitious than we are).

    We went with two other families and one of the boys was not yet walking – they did have a little more trouble as he didn’t like crawling on the rough ground with sticks, stones, etc. So consider bringing a big tarp or blanket for a play space. If you have a backpack or Ergo, it will make hiking much easier and more fun. And if you have a booster seat with straps it will make eating easier. One of the other families had one and their kid ate more than the other two who were like, “Whee! Freedom! I can wander around!”

    All in all, we had a blast and I hope you will too.

  3. Mercy I was hoping you’d put up a pic. Looks like it fits – but, could have maybe been a bit longer. I must say he looks adorable in it.

  4. He’s really cute! When I saw the news yesterday re: the stuff that’s going on in Guatemala and adoptions, I immediately thought of your family and all you went through.

    At this point, the camping part is OK right in the living room, but you need to get ready for a few years from now, because he’s going to want the real thing out in the woods! That can be fun, but the key is planning for everything (including being eaten alive by mosquitoes, they seem to love people with diabetes regardless of what their blood sugar is, so having a bottle of Off! is good planning).

    Anyway, I’m sure there is much more to come with this kid, so everyday will be a new experience!

  5. I went camping with O when she was about 10 months old. Never again. It was freezing cold. Changing a baby in such weather caused much ruckus. She couldn’t really crawl around because a. the cold and b. she tried to eat the forest floor. Plus, a camp fire + a crawling/toddling baby = disaster waiting to happen.

    But I hate camping. Seriously hate it. This was done with the Boy Scouts, for Alex, and it was a miserable experience and would have been even without the toddler.

  6. I mostly lurk here, but thought I’d post camping words of encouragement! We camped with our 13 month old this summer at Family Week for 3 nights and it was surprisingly successful. We were even car-free and it worked fairly well, though a car would certainly have helped. Our daughter always wants to be outside in the dirt, so she was pretty much thought it was the best thing that ever happened to her. We “co-slept” at night (though she wasn’t used to it) which meant the baby slept and we only sort of slept. We traded off nights of who slept next to her, which helped a little. What naps there were happened in the stroller (which is also not our usual MO). Despite the lack of sleep, our kiddo held up great, I think because there were exciting things happening and she loves the outdoors. Because it was a short trip, us grown-ups handled the mild sleep deprivation just fine. I’d definitely suggest bringing a booster. That made eating much much easier. We also only brought one toy (we were packing light!)–stacking cups. They were compact and perfect for water and sand play. Other than that she played with sticks and dirt! When we do this next year, we’ll use a bigger tent, and *maybe* one of those very light camping cribs (like the phil & teds), so she can have some space to herself. Good luck! We had expected disaster and were pleasantly surprised!

  7. I think you’re crazy to go camping in October, to begin with, but I’ll give you my experience anyway. 😉
    We camped with Niblet for a week (in August, in New England) when she was 15 months old (so 12 months adjusted). She was crawling, but not walking. She was used to a crib/p’n’p, or her stroller, but took nicely to sleeping on the P’n’P mattress on the floor of the tent. We just put it next to our mattress. Of course, she never was able to be put down awake and then fall asleep, so we would hold her until she was asleep (like normal) and then lay her on the mattress. She never knew what hit her.

    For the chilly nights of August, I think we put her in fleece footie pjs with a onesie and socks underneath. We tried to keep a blanket on her, but were only somewhat successful. She woke up a few times at night for bottles, so we replaced the blanket then.

    I suggest bundling him up as much as possible, because blankets/sleeping bags just aren’t going to work. wool or fleece outer layers. And a hat. That will help a lot. one with a chin strap will be best.
    have fun and be ready for him to wake with the sun…or get a really shady spot. 🙂

  8. When is Pepito’s birthday??

  9. Hey– no need to be pejorative by calling people who backcountry camp with a baby crazy! 🙂 We recently car camped and backpacked with a delightful 6 month old who was born at 33 weeks. Ok… so the back country was only a 1.5 hike after a 4 hour boat ride and a bus ride that included acquiring pie along the way (kept in a bear box at the campsite) but the baby was a trooper. No crying, was warm, and is going to continue to be a happy happy camper!
    That said– happy to see Pepito went on his first trip. Hope we’ll see you three out here in WA sometime soon!

  10. What a cutie! So love the hat!!! I’ve been missing this sweet boy.
    Kerri and Ruby

  11. Camping with a toddler? Not me. You are more superwoman than I. He is so adorable in that hat! I might have to try knitting some in those colors too. I am studying the pictures to see if I can figure out the pattern…

  12. He is so cute and I need to squish him…and I suck because I was supposed to send you some clothing and I completely forgot and just saw the pile buried in a corner and these will be completely useless to you because they’re all for summer. *sigh*…sorry!

  13. We camped with out 18-month-old. The things that made it difficult:

    1. He does not sleep well with others. He will pass out on cue but if he wakes up and sees other people, he thinks it’s party time. One of us was up with him from 2:00 a.m. on every night.

    2. The fire pit. I felt like I had to watch him every second.

    3. The road to the campground. Again, I was on top of him constantly so he didn’t run into the access road where other campers were occasionally driving.

    So if your boy sleeps well and isn’t too mobile, I don’t see any obstacles. I don’t remember what part of the country you’re in, but here in New England it’s so hot that I would be more worried about how to keep cool than warm. Have fun!

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