A Helping Hand (now with more links!)

October 22, 2007 at 10:24 pm | Posted in Linky Love | 4 Comments

One of the mainstays of my little corner of the internets is Calliope. She’s always there for others – celebrating with them when they achieve their dreams and mourning when those dreams come crashing to the ground. And – she’s a full time caregiver for her grandmother, who has alzheimers, which is a valiant, but decidely unremunerative occupation.

In the meantime, she’s been on her own quest for motherhood.  IUI after IUI did nothing – and still she perservered. The dream finally seemed like it was in reach when she was chosen to be a donor for a shared IVF cycle. She passed all the pre-cycle testing with flying colors. And then, today, as she sleeps on a friend’s couch in a strange city, undergoing stims and monitoring – a routine blood test for hepC came back positive.

Despite the fact that she was negative in the pre-cycle testing – and this is 99.99999% likely a false positive – the clinic has canceled the shared donor cycle even before doing a second test. They will let her continue, assuming that her repeat test is negative – if she foots the bill.

There’s no way this woman can do that. And if anyone ought to be a mom, it’s Cali.

If you possibly can, please go to her blog and donate to her paypal account. She needs to pull a lot of money together very quickly in order to be able to continue and every little bit helps.


Won’t you please donate?

If you donated… click here – and thanks.

If you didn’t donate (and you can afford to skip a latte or two and spare five bucks)… click here.


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  1. Your bottom two links aren’t working hon.

  2. Links broken! Help!

    Will donate when they are fixed.

    P’ito=Way to Freaking Cute


  3. I forgot an “o” meant way too freaking cute.

  4. Cheeks!
    I love them!

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