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December 14, 2007 at 7:15 pm | Posted in Linky Love, M'ijo, Meows | 11 Comments

Thank you all so much for the virtual shoulders.

I went into a store today where they had a big fat b/w cat who let me scoop him up on my shoulder and love on him.  (I am totally more likely to purchase things at stores with cats) And I felt a twinge, an ache, a memory of how much of a solid armful Louie used to be before he got sick, along with an awareness that the Louie I loved was gone long before the vet lifted the stethoscope off his chest and said “I am so very sorry.”

And then somehow I keep finding myself here.

On a totally different subject:

I posted some possibilities (and some pretty hilarious outtakes) for our first “look how cute our kid” is holiday card photo here. I am feeling pretty uninterested in putting in the effort to send out cards but at the same time for so long when I got all the cute cards with pictures of other people’s kids, I sustained myself by thinking about, next year, when we have our baby… so I’ll be damned if I don’t do it this year. Family photos are friends only, so please ask if you want to be be-friended. And please tell me which one you like best!

And on yet another different subject:

Go send Cali some love – she is having her retrieval tomorrow! Here’s wishing you more eggs than a matryoshka factory!

And welcome to the world little O’Flipper. If your mamas don’t post pictures soon, they may be responsible for my untimely demise – I mean, if I drive to Bklyn in a snowstorm because I’m jonesing to see this baby, and I freeze to death in a snowdrift somewhere, wouldn’t it be their fault?

(attn: postpartum hormones – that was a joke!)


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  1. go to petfinder as often as you like. Don’t be naked (w/o fur) TOO long…


  2. 8703 is my favorite – and apparently 3 other people agree! But every pic of that boy is absolutely adorable. Don’t you just want to wrap your arms around him and SMOOSH him??? I do!

  3. Sweet baby!

  4. Cute pix!
    I especially like the escape attempt from the chair : )

    We got our most recent cat from an adoption clinic at PetsMart… he is the most mellow and huggable guy – tough part is leaving with only one cat… so PetFinder may be a better choice until you’re ready.

    Happy Holidays and give the boy an extra hug from me!

  5. Great pics! If those are the out takes the real deal must be fabulous. I like the first one the best.

  6. How do you keep from eating him all up?

  7. those are fantastic & REAL family photos. I love them. You look great, btw.

    & thank you for the eggie love. I think the IVP hooked me up!


  8. Thanks for the shout-out. 🙂

    I honestly love every single one of those photos. He is delicious. We are doing the same thing (for the same reason!)…I am thinking it would be nice to have his eyes open. But it seems like it can’t be a requirement…

  9. They are all adorable! If possible I would like to be befriended.

  10. I love the new pics – here’s a thought though (maybe not for holiday cards though it would definitely work for a calendar): how about a “seasons of Pepito” card, as a montage? The pumpkin and Halloween ones would be obvious shoo-ins and the summer pics outside are fabulous too…
    I hadn’t checked out your flickr stuff in a while and going through it all made me think of this.
    So sorry about the loss of your kitty. Though I’m sure the ones you’re snuggling as a result are grateful for the extra attention 🙂

  11. so sorry about your sweet kitty. no words can touch how hard that is.

    love the chanukah outfit and snaps. is that velour??

    hope your holidays were lovely.

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