Daycare Dilemma (updated)

January 22, 2008 at 10:37 pm | Posted in AdoptThis!, M'ijo | 18 Comments

After I left P’ito at daycare this morning, I went downstairs to the director’s office to ask her a quick question about his tuition.

– Oh, I’m so glad you’re here – do you have a minute?

– Um, sure. (not what I was expecting)

She wanted to talk to me about early intervention.

I’m quite familiar with EI – it’s what my mom does for a living. And if I had any concerns about P’ito, I wouldn’t hesitate to call them and get him evaluated. So why do I feel so whiplashed that she brought it up? Her concern is not about physical or cognitive development – she feels he’s doing great in those regards. But as she put it, after spending some time in his classroom and talking to his lead teacher, they feel he’s a little serious/ withdrawn/ subdued (since before Pili’s commuting, btw). And, she explained, they’ve had lots of positive experiences with EI giving them suggestions to help internationally adopted kids adapt to the daycare setting.

I know the mood that they are talking about, but I also know my silly goofy boy who is anything but subdued. To wit: After his bath tonight, I was trying to ready the sixteen layers of cloth diaper that keep him from soaking through his pjs, and he was trying to unready them. Finally, I gave up and set his naked little self down on the floor. He WHOOPED, ran over to his zebra and climbed on it. Buck naked. Then he shot me the most mischevious grin ever.

I have a lot of trust and confidence in his daycare. They are NAEYC accredited, his teachers adore him & snuggle him lots, and I’ve certainly seen him be happy there. So I find myself wondering: if he weren’t adopted, would she be suggesting this?

My mom doesn’t see any need for evaluation; on the other hand, she is such a fabulously over the moon grandma that I think she may really believe his shit smells sweet. She thinks that he is quiet at daycare because he’s trying to hold onto his memories of Pili & me & we need to find a lovie for him (so far, he has no particular attachment to any soft objects other than his mommies) & send him to school with lots of pictures of us (he has a big poster with pictures of us right at his eye level).

I don’t know. I feel – glad that they are looking out for him – annoyed that I don’t think she’d make the same suggestion to the parents of the quiet, non-adopted kids in his class – sad that he is not happier at school and not sure what to do about it.

And then I went in to pick him up today, and he was absolutely positively giggly. And his afternoon teacher looked at me like she thought I was certifiable when I said that the director & teacher #1 thought he was subdued. Perhaps it’s just that he got a nice long nap in today?

UPDATE: We started sending P’ito to daycare with Blankie, which I guess I can no longer describe as “the closest thing to a lovie that he’s got” as it seems to have been upgraded to FULL ON LOVIE status.  And that seems to have helped – he’s been much happier and his normal goofy self at daycare ever since.  I checked back in with the director the other day and she immediately said “y’know I’m glad you brought that up again – I think you were right that he was just working through some separation anxiety and I’m not concerned anymore.” Whew.

A Slow Low Whiny Day

January 15, 2008 at 12:26 am | Posted in Linky Love, M'ijo, The Other D (Better Living Through Chemistry), The Sweet Life | 23 Comments

I am very ready for winter to be over.

I’ve been feeling down lately – not down down, but just kind of muted. I’ve gotten past the “WOW! This place isn’t my old job!” excitement stage at work and I’m having a hard time keeping my enthusiasm up through the grey of winter.

I’m nervous about my upcoming Adventures in Single Motherhood. After a nice long research leave, Pili is headed back to work. Work is two hours away, which means that Monday-Wednesday nights, it will be me and the boy. Any tips on getting out of the house in the morning singlehanded will be much appreciated.

I had an appointment with New Endo this morning: no insta-A1C machine, so I will find out tomorrow exactly how sucky my A1C is. Last one was 6.9: I am thinking somewhere around 8.3 😦 New Endo was perfectly nice, but not nearly as thorough as Good Endo back in Less Urban City, and he wants me to log. Good Endo just downloaded my meter and pump. I am tempted to just keep seeing him, but in the end I’m not sure I am committed enough to my diabetes management to drive five hours roundtrip to see a doctor.

I hate seeing new doctors: I recite my medical history and they hmm and haw and bite their cheeks and say “you’re awfully young to have that” (3 basal cell carcinomas, little bastards) and I just feel like a big old freak of nature. This is compounded by the fact that I am back to my highest ever weight, and feel icky and fat – I’m muffin-topping out of all my jeans. I need to start doing the weight-watchers thing again, but when? (see above re: Single Motherhood) The online version doesn’t work for me – I need to be accountable to someone other than myself. I know that once Pili gets home, I’m going to want to see her, not spend all my time racing off to the gym and doing all the errands I couldn’t do when she was away. Oh, and I am having a major flare up of my l1chen p.lanus and my exczema, so I’ve got red itchy blotches all over my hands, stomach, underarms, and underboobs. And the dermatologist’s first appt is not until March. C’mon let’s hear it folks – am I not The Sexiest Woman Ever? (ahem). Let’s hear it for the medical trainwreck. Actually, the reason I made L.P. ungoogleable is that apparently there are people who think it is sexy and put up p@rn sites devoted to it. So hey, some icky wicky sleazeball out there on the internets thinks I’m sexy!

While I may be lacking in the Sexy of Late, P’ito remains quite possibly the Cutest Boy Ever (excepting the children/nephews/ friendskids of my kind readers, of course).

Tiger Rider Ride 'Em Cowboy

Ladybug Ball Smiles

p.s. Congrats to Cheri, Gary & Eliana, who are OUT OF PGN! and Ezra & Jenny who welcomed Elsie Jane and two mommies, who have a damn cute boy of their own.

Notes from the Road

January 3, 2008 at 9:18 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 6 Comments

Whoever designed the diaper changing stations at O’Hare Airport has obviously never changed a wiggly toddler.

(Yes, I’m admitting it. He’s a toddler.  Where did my baby go?)

I’m sure embedding the garbage chute and sink (with automatic on/off sensor) in the changing table seemed like an ergonomically sensible design.  However, I wish upon the designer of said ergonomically designed changing station a squirmy toddler with a massively poopy diaper, who thinks that sticking his hands down the garbage chute to see what’s down there and kicking his feet in the sink to turn the water on, is a far far better thing than allowing his tush to be wiped.

We’re home.  Thank g-d.

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