NOT My Day

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Part I:

I sneezed at work this morning. With a mouthful of coffee. Which came out my nose (ow). All over my (personal) laptop.

First the keyboard stopped working, then the whole thing started making an ominous beeping noise.

It’s at the computer doctor now. I told him about the coffee, but not about the nose part.

Part II:

Memo to self: Your almost 16-month old son does not have the manual dexterity to feed himself spaghetti in red sauce. He will get very frustrated, resulting in spaghetti and sauce all over you and all over the kitchen. It’s three hours later and I still haven’t mustered the energy to clean up the kitchen, which looks like the set of a slasher movie.

My Life (in one picture)

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I saw this at Dawn’s and think I dislocated a rib laughing.

The creator of this cartoon may get a dozen long-stemmed roses from Pili.

From xkcd.

Get your karma booster shot here

February 24, 2008 at 11:10 pm | Posted in Linky Love | 3 Comments

Imagine that you are adopting a beautiful baby girl.

You learn that, due to a kafka-esque paperwork foul up, it will take longer than normal for the adoption to be completed. You decide to foster your daughter-to-be in Guatemala for the extra month or two it will take to straighten out the paperwork.

A month or two stretches into a year. The mortgage is still due at home. You are without a source of income. Then, just when you think things can’t get any worse – they do.

This is what has happened to my dear bloggity friend Erin and her family.

While we can’t hold a rally on the steps of PGN and make them approve Azucen@’s adoption, we can make a tangible difference in the lives of Erin and her family. These are people who are much more comfortable helping others than being helped. But in order for them to continue to help others, they need our help right now.

Give up your latte for the week. Skip the new shoes. Take a minute to donate and help out.

Donations can be made directly to Erin’s paypal account. The address is erin stoy 77 at yahoo dot com (take out the spaces and replace the @ and .com parts).

And in case helping a friend and earning some good karma points* isn’t enough motivation for you… every donation – no matter how small (or how BIG!) – made between Sunday, February 25th and Friday, March 1st will be entered in a drawing to win $60 worth of Erin’s amazing crafts.  Erin has made the proverbial lemonade out of lemons by creating beautiful craft items from traditional Guatemalan textiles. P’ito has one of the dolls that she made, and he loves it [if by love you mean, smears boogers on it – which I think is the highest compliment he can pay].

Please donate and help spread the word on your blog as well.  Any help you can give is VERY appreciated!

Thank you everyone for digging deep and donating once again.

*The last time we did a fundraiser like this, all of the organizers got out of PGN very soon after organizing it!  Hmmm…. something to think about, nu?

I am a Winner!

February 21, 2008 at 1:11 am | Posted in Linky Love, M'ijo | 10 Comments

That’s not just a winter-sucks-chin-up-girl-positive-self-talk thing to say, although such a pep-talk is never unwarranted.

But quite literally. I have won some very cool prizes on the internets lately over the last couple of months. Mostly thanks to the wonder that is Prizey. And my guilty conscience forces me to interrupt my unplanned blogatus to say thanks. I won… Putamayo Kids Music, a tres cool funky ring (& barrette, which has been in my hair constantly since I got it), a beautiful book, which I am looking forward to reading with P’ito. I know he’ll love the cover: in his vocabulary all animals with fur are currently “CA! CA! KIKA! (kittycat).” Finally, I won a toy garage.

Garage Band

P’ito likes playing with the cars, and he keeps trying to use the keys to open other locked items: file cabinets, doors, etc. He hasn’t used them to open the garage yet though!

Prizey has become a little bit of an obsession for me since my part-time single mamahood began, in part because toddlerhood is kicking my ass, and once P’ito goes to bed, I have very little emotional energy left to give to anything.

Don’t get me wrong – P’ito is absolutely, ferociously wonderful. In the past couple of months, he has developed a fantastic sly mischevious sense of humor: hiding behind corners and then popping out at me with a huge grin, rolling over and playing bare-tushed sleepy on the changing table, turning all possible objects into hats or telephones – always with that little aren’t I cute? smile.

But when he’s awake I am constantly either playing with him or on alert: why is it so quiet? what does he want? He’s not super-verbal yet, so we stand in front of the fridge with him pointing and going “meh! meh! meh!” and I try to figure out – does he want the picture of Pili? The cat-butt magnet? The list of phone numbers? Of course, he wants the small choking-hazard magnet! He’s really into testing limits right now: looking at me with his arm raised and the nice-ecologically-sound-extremely-HARD-wooden-projectile-toy in his hand & smiling: “Watcha gonna do, Mama?” Throwing food is big right now. Taking a big slurp on his sippy cup, looking at me with that oh-so-innocent smile – and spitting milk down his shirt (insert maniac toddler giggles here). And OH, the tantrums, the YOU MADE ME PUT MY SHIRT ON! YOU MADE ME TAKE MY SHIRT OFF! boneless on the floor tantrums.

End result: hundreds of posts bookmarked on my bloglines to go back and comment on, and some excellent free stuff.

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