My heart, it just melted into a puddle on the floor

March 5, 2008 at 7:51 pm | Posted in M'ijo | 7 Comments

I decided that was a better title than: “And now I forgive you for hitting me square in the face with ravioli (from three feet away.)”

Scene: I am putting a sleepy P’ito down in his crib.  I rub his back, give him a kiss (and then steal another one, because his hair is Just So Soft) and he curls up on his belly with Blankie.  At the door, I blow him one more kiss.   He rolls over, brings his hand up to his lips, and goes “Mmmwah!” right back at me.

p.s. My computer is back! Hooray! Only $100 and a new keyboard later…


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  1. From three feet away… wow. Pretty impressive! When they do that it does melt the heart. Sometimes I feel like I’m just going to run back in and start it all over again, but that would um wake him up. Love the snowball photos btw.

  2. Oh, so sweet! They just know how to get you wrapped around their little fingers! 🙂

    Give P’ito an extra squeeze for me!

  3. awesome

  4. So cute…
    Makes you want to just give um’ an extra squeeze and extra tight!!!

  5. Awwww…those are the best moments!

  6. awwww… cute! blowing kisses is the most important survival skill a baby can learn, methinks.

  7. So cute. I loved meeting him this summer. He is indeed addictively sweet.

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