Slime Squared = Dick Cheney

March 24, 2008 at 11:07 pm | Posted in Political Animal | 9 Comments

The best he can say about 4000 U.S. soldiers dead (and untold Iraqis) is “they volunteered?”

Um, “stop-loss” much, Dick?

Time to find myself a good 1/20/09 countdown ticker.


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  1. I told T last night while watching the news “they should be tried for 4000 counts of murder.”

  2. have you been to:

  3. That ranks right up there with my recent favorite: ….when it was pointed out to him that recent polls show two-thirds of Americans think the fight in Iraq is not worth it, Cheney replied, “So?”

    (the abc news link is here:

    We’ve had the countdown ticker going for the last 3 years. Jake has it hanging from his keychain.

  4. The “so” thing sent me thru the roof. The “they volunteered” thing nearly sent me into orbit.

  5. Ditto!

  6. Argh – he’s such a mean old fart. He said “they volunteered” about four different ways in the course of the interview, but when the interviewer pointed out that these “volunteers” have had no choice about two, three, four even five redeployments his only answer was, “what would you do?”

    Hello? You’re the jerk that got us into this MESS!! Take some responsibility!!!!

  7. Well said. I feel you totally!! Check out my page sometime.

  8. Yeah, and don’t forget he also said he didn’t care that the American public disapproves of the handling of the war.

    He is SUCH a dick!

  9. He’s a complete and total douchebag and January 20th just cannot come soon enough for me.

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